15 inch Red Flower Pot - Vase (Nordic)

15 inch Red Flower Pot - Vase (Nordic)

  • Light in weight
  • Very Soothing and Pleasant in their finishes (White finish has a Marble Look)
  • Highly Resistant to Breakage, Harsh Weathers and Ultra Violet Rays
  • Highly Durable & Sturdy
  • Sutiable both for INDOORS as well as OUTDOORS
  • (L X B X H) : 7 X 7 X 15
    • 15"

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    The narrow flute design and seamless finish of the Yuccabe Nordic Red Flower pot (Vase), coupled with its durability and low maintenance, set it a cut above the others. A must have for the modern home, the Nordic Red Flower pot (Vase) is an element of sophistication that will refine and soothe even the busiest of decors.


    With its exaggerated proportions the Nordic Red Flower pot (Vase) offers infinite potential to create statement pieces throughout your home and office. Its sleek profile and minimalist finish makes this an extremely adaptive design that does not demand too much of its decor, easily blending into a variety of themes and surroundings. Built of superior quality polystone, it is durable and very easy to clean and maintain. Its ceramic like finish is smooth and sensuous, giving this vase its rich and luxurious feel. Its modern materials also ensure it does not chip or break easily like traditional ceramics, and that it is environment friendly and 100% non-toxic.


    The flute design of the Nordic Red Flower pot (Vase) makes it ideal for long stemmed flowers- both fresh and artificial. While long stemmed roses are a firm favorite, we recommend exploring varieties of lily, orchid, tulips, gerbera and even large sunflowers to create a deceptively simple yet extremely stylish arrangement around your home and office. It can be located in the center of your coffee table, on the reception of your office or on a display unit- the Nordic Red Flower pot (Vase) performs just as well in the background as it does with the spotlight on it.

    Care InstructionsNo
    View OfferNo
    ShapeV Shape (Round)
    SizesH15" X D 7"
    Other Size ProductsNo
    High Quality PlasticYes
    Suitable for indoor plantingYes
    Special PriceRs1,550.00

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