Combo for 6 Stella White Self Watering planter

Combo for 6 Stella White Self Watering planter

  • Light in weight
  • Very Soothing and Pleasant in their finishes (White finish has a Marble Look)
  • Highly Resistant to Breakage, Harsh Weathers and Ultra Violet Rays
  • Highly Durable & Sturdy
  • Sutiable both for INDOORS as well as OUTDOORS
  • (L X B X H) : 6 X 6 X 6
  • 6"

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Responding to the demands of the high urban life, Yuccabe breaks new ground with the Stella self-watering planter. A beautiful synergy of minimalist design, superior construction and stirring innovation, the Yuccabe Stella planter is the perfect solution to maintaining your priceless plants without the need for constant attention.

Attributes: Built of high quality composites, the Stella self-watering planter has an outer reservoir shell that can store up to three to four weeks? demand of water. The inner shell is porous and its small openings allow just the right quantity of water to consistently seep in- ensuring your plant is suitably watered while you are away on holiday or busy with life. The Stella is a square based planter with tapering and rounded edges, and does not mould or fade making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. It is highly weatherproof and unbreakable so you can benefit from its stylish design and exceptional use for a very long time. The Stella can also be adapted to be used as a regular planter by drilling a small hole at its bottom.

Applications: Versatile in its design that is strongly rooted in modern sensibilities, the Stella is especially suited to the urban office, home and garden where it thrives easily without the need for constant monitoring or watering. Its ability to tend to plants even when you are unable to makes it a suitable inclusion in even the most traditional of decors.

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