Cream White  Gk Tray 30x13 Inches Rectangular Planter

Cream White Gk Tray 30x13 Inches Rectangular Planter

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  • Lenght-30 inches, Width-13 inches, Height-13 inches
  • Light in weight
  • Very Soothing and Pleasant in their finishes (White finish has a Marble Look)
  • Highly Resistant to Breakage, Harsh Weathers and Ultra Violet Rays
  • Highly Durable & Sturdy
  • Sutiable both for INDOORS as well as OUTDOORS
  • (L X B X H) : 30 X 13 X 13
  • 30"

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Versatile and extremely stylish, the Yuccabe GK-TRA planter is a seamless match for your new office or home. Flexible in its use and location, this tray planter has been created keeping the demands of modern space design specifically in mind. The GK-TRA can be used as a window planter to brighten up your view of the outside, or lined up on the floor to accentuate your interiors.

Attributes:The GK-TRA planter can be used in any space or corner of your house of office. It is especially suited to creating a perfect box garden in your widows. The GK-TRA planter is both lightweight and extremely durable, making it ideal for suspension outside your window. Its narrow profile also means that it can be easily placed on your window sill if you so desire. The sturdiness of this product is complemented by its soothing colour and minimalist design- a perfect accessory for your building exteriors. Enhancing both the inside and outside, the GK-TRA's long life ensures your home or office will stay beautiful for a long time.

Applications:A stunning container that can be used to house manicured plants and hedges to create a formal ambience, or filled with playful flowering varieties to add a touch of liveliness. These tray planters are also perfect for creating a herb garden in your kitchen window. We recommend exploring evergreen, trailing varieties - such as money plant- to keep your building fa�ade looking impressive all year round.
Care Instructions Yuccabe planters

The Yuccabe planters are almost maintenance free.

  • Simple dusting with a piece of clean cloth and gentle wash with water keeps the Yuccabe Planters clean.
  • Once in a while cleaning with any ordinary detergent gives them original and fresh look.
  • Any Obstinate stain can be simply rubbed off with waterproof sand paper of 220 no. available at any hardware/ paint shop.
CAUTION No! Chemical(s) or abrasives to be used please

View Offer No
Color Options Pleasant White
Shape Rectangular (Tray Box)
Sizes L 30" X W 13" X H 13"
Other Size Products No
ideas No
Specification PACKAGE CONTAINS: Planter / Pot Only (Not Plants)

MATERIAL: Poly-Stone

Finish: White Marble Matt Finish

COLOR: Pleasant White

DIMENSIONS: L 30" X H 13" X W 13" (Size in Inches)

Specifications 30x13x13
shatterproof No
ultralight No
UV-Resistant No
High Quality Plastic No
Suitable for indoor planting No
Price Rs10990
Special Price Rs 5495

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good product

it's an awesome product. Beautiful, sturdy and awesome product.