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4 Types of Planters Every House Must Have

Large pots, also called planters, help the plants to grow and spread out comfortably. Planters are available in many different types and are made of different materials. We list below five common types of planters. 

  • Ceramic Pots – Ceramic planters are most in-demand because the clay is porous and provides easy air movement to the plant roots. It also prevents the plant from getting rotten by helping the excess moisture evaporate. Ceramic planters are given a polished finishing giving them a glossy outer appearance. They weigh heavy and thus suitable for tall and bulky plants. Because they are heavy, they are suitable to be kept in locations prone to heavy winds, as they do not get toppled easily. Clay also prevents too much heat from entering the plant and retains the moisture during summers.
  • Plastic Pots – Planters are commonly found in different types of plastic and colours, designs, sizes, textures. Potting soil is put in the plastic hanging pots to grow the plant. Plastic plant pots online are flexible and last long. The plastic planter is not affected by changes in temperature. They are also less prone to breaking or cracking under extreme temperatures. In addition, they are easily affordable and lightweight, which makes it easy for you to change their location from one place to another. Plastic planters are found in a wide variety, making it easy for you to choose one matching with your home décor, colour scheme, and home accessories.
  • Wooden Planters – Wooden planters are a perfect choice if you want to buy a low maintenance planter. Wooden planters need to be treated once a year with preservatives or stains so that they retain their original appearance and prevent it from damage due to weather. You can get creative and paint a wooden planter easily. You can design it yourself to match your home décor and interior design. The materials used in making wooden planters can be cedar, hardwood, pressure-treated wood etc. Since wooden planters are easy to lift, they can be relocated easily. It is easier to drill a hole for drainage in a wooden planter than a ceramic one. Wooden containers are excellent for warm places as they do not absorb the heat and thus protect the roots of the plant from damage.
  • LED planters – LED planters are best for those who want to give a bright and dazzling look to their home, hotel, office, restaurant, and lounge. Led planters come in many different designs, shapes, and colours. Led planters light up the garden and enhance the aesthetic beauty of the place. The LED lights inside the planters last for many years, which means you do not have to bear the extra cost of replacing them often. Since led lights are energy sufficient, you do not have to pay a huge sum for electricity. You must keep in mind the material, design aesthetics, and technical expertise of the led pot before you purchase one. 

A wisely chosen planter that matches your home interior designs enhances the overall beauty of your home significantly.

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