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5 Plants That Make Excellent Eco-friendly Gifts for Diwali

With the increasing awareness in people about breathing in good quality air, people have now started gifting eco-friendly gifts to one another on festive occasions.  

Instead of gifting chocolates and bouquets, people prefer gifting plants. Plants not only help in combating air pollution but also give you overall good health as they filter the toxins from the air, helps relieve stress and infuse positivity in your lives. So, if you’re thinking of giving an eco-friendly gift this Diwali, here are a few plants which will do the needful. 

  1. Snake Plant – One of the best gifts that you can give this Diwali is the snake plant. With the increasing pollution levels, everyone would definitely want an air purifying plant in their homes. The snake plant is probably one of the best natural air purifiers. Not only does it remove toxins from the air, but it also looks attractive as the leaves grow taller and spread out. You must ideally keep this plant in bedrooms as it gives out oxygen at night. This plant needs very little maintenance and can survive indoors with little sunlight. It does not require water daily and only needs to be watered when the soil becomes dry. 
  2. Peperomia – Many people do not prefer to keep indoor plants because they think plants require care and maintenance. However, a Peperomia plant is the best choice in indoor plants, as it requires very low maintenance. Even without much care, this plant can survive and grow well. It needs to be watered only when the soil feels dry. This means that you can go for short vacations without having to worry about the plant. 
  3. Lucky Bamboo plant- This plant not only brings in good luck but also brightens up a dull home interior. A lucky bamboo plant makes for a perfect Diwali gift as it is thought to bring a sense of poise, security and positivity in the homes and offices. It does not need much attention and can be used as a decoration in homes and offices. 
  4. Succulents – Known to be some of the most beautiful and low maintenance houseplants, succulents make for a perfect eco-friendly, attractive and thoughtful Diwali gift as they are not only beautifully used as adornments in homes and offices but also require less maintenance. They look pretty on a centre table or a cabinet. Succulents come in different beautiful shapes and are recognised more for their ability to store water in their roots, stems, and leaves. 
  5. Money Plant – A money plant reduces stress and can be used as a great home décor item. It can be put anywhere in the house or office and requires very little care. 

You can buy the above-mentioned led planters India online. Some online stores also offer customisation as per your requirements. These led flower planters make for the perfect eco-friendly gifts for family, friends, colleagues or just about anyone who matters to you.

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