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Are You Going On Vacation? Tips To Protect Your Plants

Coming back from an excellent holiday to drying up your beloved houseplants is probably one of the hardest things to come home to. With the rising rate of pollution, we are all used to having some plants in our house to keep things fresh. 

Because of our travel schedules, many people are a little reluctant about holding plants. But you don’t have to do it anymore. You can still protect your plants while you are on vacation. These days you can easily order fox B planters online. To ensure a healthy life for plants in your absence, it is vital to take the required steps. To ensure that your plants stay moist for a longer time, here are some last-minute tips for you:

  • Remove leaves that are dead and decayed, and then soak the plants with water. On a sheet of plastic, cluster the plants and cover them with wet newspapers. The whole plant can be covered to retain humidity and help recycle the water into the soil after evaporation.
  • Mulch with organic mulch material, such as grass clippings, dry leaves thoroughly. This helps to maintain the moisture in the soil for a more extended period, decreasing the amount of evaporated water.
  • For flowers that are about to bloom, pruning is essential. Pruning will mitigate the plants’ water needs. The buds can also be pruned.

Having a friend come and inspect your indoor plants every few days is the best thing you can do. 

DIY Process of Watering Wicks

Set your plants next to a large container of water, put one end of the wick in the container and the other end of the wick in a portion of the soil next to your plant. For different plants, several wicks can be used. This primary but successful method ensures that once the water in the container is drained, the soil takes up only as much water as it needs. By holding pebbles as the foundation for your plants, moisture can also be provided because it maintains a relaxed environment for plants in their vicinity.


Make sure the plants are moved out of direct sunlight. If they are planted in a flower bed with direct access to sunshine, then use a cover of thin white sheets and set up an artificial shade to ensure air circulates in the garden. Another choice is to move the plants into containers, position them indoors, and use a clear plastic bag with slits for ventilation to create a mini-greenhouse.


Be sure to keep mulch or a slow-release fertilizer for your plants as a three-inch layer above the soil to ensure proper nutrition so that the plants stay well fed. It also helps to preserve the soil’s moisture.

As you can see, even when you are away, there are many efficient, creative steps for taking care of plants. These techniques are not that complex and can be performed easily. Use the ones that work for you, and come back to see your plants in excellent health after your holiday, waiting to be tended again by you. These days you can buy everything you require to maintain the plants and the best fox planters online

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