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Five Indoor Plants to Gift Your Colleagues to Bring Positivity And Happiness

With the air around us getting polluted, why not present an eco-friendly corporate gift to our employees and colleagues. One such best gift is indoor plants. Plants will not only help them fight With Bad Air Quality but also prevent them from falling sick and suffering from bronchitis, asthma, sinus and other respiratory ailments. While the government of India and other health regulatory bodies have stepped forward to initiate measures to keep the air clean, we as individuals must try to adopt measures in controlling air pollution. Indoor plants make the best eco-friendly gifts. We list below five indoor plants that you can gift your colleagues. 

Ficus plant – In ordinary language this plant is known as the weeping fig and is a flamboyant plant that keeps the air free from pollutants. It is usually found in households and offers many benefits. NASA has concluded that this plant is effective in cleaning airborne formaldehyde, xylene and toluene. When you put the Ficus plant in your home, the quality of air is greatly improved, which means you are breathing pure air, which ensures good health. 

Aloe Vera Plant – This plant is not only beneficial to the skin and hair but also purifies the air by removing benzene and formaldehyde from the air. Your colleague will love this beautiful foliage plant as it releases oxygen in the night, requires very little maintenance and is known for improving the air quality in the house. 

Spider Plant – The spider plant is one of the easiest indoor plants to grow. It purifies the air by removing carbon monoxide, formaldehyde and benzene. This plant makes for a great eco-friendly corporate gift as it reduces stress and anxiety. This oxygen-releasing plant also spreads positivity and happiness. 

Tulsi – This herbal plant serves many benefits. It brings good luck and health to the residents of the home. It prevents evil and negative energy from entering the home, besides the several health benefits. Also nicknamed as the queen of herbs, the tulsi plant gives out oxygen 20 hours a day. Thus, when you keep the Tulsi plant in the home, there is a surge in your oxygen supply, and you are breathing clean air as it filters harmful gases like carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and sulphur dioxide from the air. 

The bamboo plant – keeping a bamboo plant at home increases the supply of oxygen in the home. It keeps the air pure by absorbing toxins like benzene and formaldehyde. It is also effective in removing toluene from the air. Toluene is a colourless liquid having a strong odour that causes problems in the nose, eyes and throat by causing irritation.  

By giving the above plants as corporate gifts to your employees or colleagues, you are not only showing your concern to them for their good health but also doing a wonderful job of keeping our planet clean and pure. You can buy hybrid polymer plants onlineThe gift of these hybrid polymer planters online is sure to be cherished by your staff for a long time.

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