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How to Start a Small Container Garden on Your Apartment Balcony

Living in an apartment cannot prevent you from having your own small container garden. A container garden is both a fun pastime activity and a valuable source of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. People have become more aware of having organic fruits and vegetables. This has led to the popularity of home gardening. If you follow the correct methods and are lucky, you will harvest a good amount of fruits and vegetables. 

Steps to start container gardening in your balcony 

Define your space – Balconies and patios are ideal places for a container garden. They get the benefit of the sun and weather. Do not let your balcony go unused, especially if you have a cosy seating setup out there. A little greenery will only beautify your space. 

Check the sun – At least 6 hours of sunlight is needed for most fruits and vegetables to grow. So, check to see how much sun your balcony gets in the daytime. 

Measure the area – With a measuring tape, measure the length and width of the space that you will be using for container gardening. 

Choose your setup – If a container garden sounds unfamiliar to you; it’s simple to grow in pots or planters. It is perhaps one of the easiest ways to garden, and plants can be very productive in them. There are a variety of planters available such as plastic, clay, LED, fabric etc. You can buy hanging flower pots online. Once you have decided to buy hanging plant pots online or the type of containers you will use, you will need to make sure you pick up the correct size for the type of plant you want to grow. 

Pick some plants 

The next step and probably the best one is choosing your plants. If you have already decided what to grow, picking plants will not take much time. However, if you are still undecided or have limited knowledge about container gardening plants, it might take you a while to choose. There are plants that require less maintenance, less sunlight, and are easy to grow. On the other hand, a few plants require more sunlight and care. Some plants that provide oxygen and must be grown are the ficus plant, aloe Vera, tulsi, spider plant, snake plant, bamboo plant etc. These plants keep the air pure by absorbing toxic gases, which thereby improves the quality of air that you breathe in. Pure air keeps you stress-free, relaxed, and improves your overall health. The type of plant you choose depends on your choice, the local climate, and your ability to take care of them. 

Once you are done with these three steps, you are all set to get started 

In the process of doing so, your hands and clothes may get dirty; you may even have a couple of setbacks, but in the end, you will thoroughly enjoy and be contended with having grown a successful home garden that gives you fresh fruits and vegetables in abundance.

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