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Points to Consider Before Buying A Planter

It may be challenging for a person who has recently stepped into a plant hood to get his hands on the right planter, but actually, it is not that difficult a task. One needs a planter once the plant outgrows itself in the container. A planter is nothing but a larger bowl with a larger diameter that provides more room for the plant to spread. At times, the process of repotting the plant may get dirty, but when he is involved in gardening, one should not hesitate to get his hands dirty.  

Repeating is not amusing or enjoyable, and it is quite messy, but it gives a new lease of life to your plant. When we buy a plant sample from the store, it usually comes in a small pot or plastic bags in certain instances. Plastic can never be sufficient for any living beings, so repotting them in a larger space is much more important.

The plant gets a fresher soil containing more nutrients and minerals that aid in the organism’s growth when we move the plant to a larger space. You can buy plant pots online in different sizes and colours.

Bear in mind that your planter’s style and size depend on your garden and the type of plant for which you are looking to use it. But, if you’re searching for one in your garden to intensify the look, here are some very general things to note while shopping for planters.


Whatever container you pick, there must be sufficient drainage holes in it. Not only do healthy plants need space to grow, but also sufficient oxygen for the roots. It must be possible for excess water to escape, or plants will drown. 


Porous containers such as those made of unglazed terracotta or clay, wood, paper pulp, and other natural materials make it possible to pass through them with moisture and air. Some of the advantages of respiration materials are, 

  • They allow air to circulate the roots of plants.
  • It cools the soil as the moisture evaporates from the pot’s side and helps remove excess water, avoiding root rot.


When wet, the damp soil gets very hard. This will make it difficult to move it around if you want a heavy container. If you are gardening on a balcony or deck, this is truly necessary. If it is important to consider mobility and to change the look of your garden regularly, pick containers made from lightweight materials or place them on castors before planting them out.

The choice of the pot is essential if you have insufficient sunlight. However, if you want stability in a windy or exposed position for top-heavy or tall plants, then a heavy container may be a more appropriate choice. A solid pot can reduce the risk of winds blowing them over and damage.

Bear in mind the seasons 

Stick to wooden planters or heavy ones made of stone or cement, which stands up well to planters’ elements. You want to leave outdoors all year round. While ceramic and terracotta planters are pretty, in severe cold, they appear to break. During winter, keep them indoors and save them for the summer. But whatever material you want, you can buy planters online. 

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