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Ways To Decorate Your Small Space With Green Plants

Using indoor plants is the secret to simple and refreshing interior decoration. These little plants can change the entire atmosphere instantly. In various imaginative ways, you can make plants a part of your home décor. These house plants will change the face of the house, and add a great deal of elegance, serenity, fresh air as they grow and bloom daily in your sweet home. 

To combat too much time spent on phones and lack of time to enjoy nature, here are some ideas to add ‘green’ to urban homes. It’s getting harder to cross the gap between man and nature. In such cases, in any small way we can, we must attempt to introduce some aspects around you. This gives much-needed greenery and brings us back to our roots. Here are a few suggestions to decorate your small space with many pot and wall hanging planters

Accumulate more plants 

It’s silly, but unless it is spectacular and is differentiated by its position, a single plant would seem sad. You will then select the accumulation, create the amount, and have a charming cabinet effect of curiosity. On the opposite, as a small indoor garden, the intention would be to combine plants, sizes and containers, to dwell on one form of plant: for example, a jungle of cactus with terracotta pots makes it dreamy. 

Make the potholders fancy 

Getting fancy colorfully painted pots might enhance the ambience of the space. This is the right way of combining plant decor and vice versa. By painting them, you can choose beautiful pots, ceramic pots made by artists, or you can make your pots or design existing pots. 

Using Branches 

It takes only a branch or shoots to put in a vase, rather than using the whole plant. Both are ideal for a bohemian or modern interior.  

Using a Table 

It’s not just tables, but also, a beautiful chair or some other surface like a bench that can fit your plants is an excellent idea for the home décor. This will build a wall of plants to be embellished as decorative items, a mini jungle. 

A Shelf 

 It’s the same idea as a bench, except the plants shouldn’t be too huge here, and you can go for droopy plants altogether. It is also really pretty at the edge of the window, or we can opt for aromatic plants in the kitchen. 

Decoration of Large Plants Next to the Sofa 

The idea here totally depends on the height of a plant. Next to the couch, since it is always a place that can be overlooked or even a little empty in a corner. A large plant dresses and gives life to space. 

Wall hanging plants 

In recent days, one of the trending ways to decorate your house is using a wall hanging planters. You can easily hang them in the walls of your living room and ceilings of the balcony. You can quickly get these hanging planters online India along with plants and get it delivered to your doorstep.

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