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5 Benefits of Air-purifying Plants

We all are aware of the benefits of plants. It is important to have at least few plants in our surroundings, be it home or office to reap the immense benefits that plants have to offer. There are different types of plants, and one can pick them depending on their personal preferences. 

However, there can be several benefits of having air-purifying plants around us. The air purifying plants can work wonders for your living and workspace. Some of the most commonly bought air purifying plants are snake-plant, pathos, rubber plant, bird’s nest fern, and philodendron. You can have plants in your indoors or your balcony. In fact, outdoor plants are also a great option.  

Let’s have a look at how air purifying plants can benefit you: 

  • Light on pocket

The air purifying plants are light on your pocket, and you need not spend a bomb on them. They create a happy and vibrant ambience in your home or workspace. They not only offer fresh air but also enhance the beauty of your premises without you having to spend much on anything else. While some like to have them in their living room, others may place them in the bedroom, balcony, or even in the bathroom.  

  • Improves productivity

The air purifying plants can also help in boosting your productivity, especially at the workplace. According to a survey, the employees are more productive when the workspace is filled with air-purifying houseplants.  

  • Enable us to breathe fresh

It can be said that plants and humans are partners. We inhale oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide while plants breathe in carbon dioxide and exhale oxygen. Having plants around us offers access to fresh and purified air. The air purifying plants can be a natural source of air purification around you. They can significantly improve indoor air quality. Both the plants and roots can help in removing trace levels of toxic vapour from inside of tightly sealed buildings. In fact, low levels of chemicals like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde can also be removed from indoor environments with the help of air-purifying plants alone.  

  • Improved health

Plants are known to increase the humidity of the air around them. Thus, having plants in your home can help in increasing the humidity of a room and work towards reducing the chances of onset of respiratory illness.  

Apart from the above-mentioned benefits, plants in general help in boosting morale, productivity, and concentration. They also help in reducing stress, fatigue, sore throats, and cold. They can help in reducing noise levels and therapeutic to look at. Aren’t these reasons enough to have some beautiful plants? 

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