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Essential Tips To Take Care Of Your Office Plants

With an increase in awareness about the benefits of indoor plants, more and more people are investing in beautiful, humble plants. The indoor plants are not just good for having cleaner air but also in relaxing and improving productivity at work. But you must also know how to take care of the indoor plants. Proper care will ensure the longevity and health of your plants.  

Here’s a look at few tips for taking care of the office plants: 

  • You must water your plants regularly as it is the key factor for the growth of the plant. Though watering is important, you must not overwater it. If the soil is moist from the last time you has watered it, give the plant more time before you plan of watering it again.
  • Another factor is natural lighting which boosts the growth of plants. However, that may not be possible in some of the offices. In such cases, you can place artificial sunlight lamps next to the plants.
  • Taking care of the plants also includes avoiding the flies, which may harm plants. You must avoid pouring leftover tea and coffee into the pots as it can attract flies.
  • Also, moving around the plants is not a suitable thing to do. As per studies, plants adapt to surrounding by changing their orientations and structure in a certain manner and at a slow pace. They will find it difficult to adjust to the surroundings when moved from one place to another frequently. 
  • You must make it a point to change the pots as they grow. When you buy a plant, it may fit perfectly in a pot, but as it grows, it may need a bigger pot. You shouldn’t hinder its growth by keeping them in the same old small pot.  

How to take care of the desk plants?

 Apart from watering and exposing them to required light, you must fertilize the desk plants every alternate month during summer and spring with the help of general-purpose water-soluble fertilizer. You must always water after fertilizing for preventing the damage to the roots.

  • Just like other plants, you must shift your desk plants to large pots every couple of year. Make sure you just plant to a pot that is only one size larger. Moving to a very big pot can lead to plant roots getting rotten and killed.
  • You must always place your plants away from an air conditioner, drafty windows, and heating vents. Some plants may survive with a certain amount of neglect, but others need regular attention and care. 
  • Also, when you water the plant, it should be at room temperature as too hot or too cold water can cause damage. 
  • You must select a pot that has good drainage and make sure that the drainage holes are at the bottom of the pot. 
  • Most plants need humidity in the room. You can buy a room humidifier with a cool-mist but prevent foliage or flowers from getting wet. 

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