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Here Are 8 Amazing Tasks That Will Improve Your Summer Garden

We have survived a long, cold winter, and though spring and verdant greenery all around have brought in cheer, the chances are that our gardens still look weary, following months of chilly, wet weather.

There is a list of certain routine tasks like planting, weeding, mulching, etc., but you can make some finishing touches which will help you enjoy your garden more this summer.

There is no better way to enjoy your garden than by encouraging it to grow better and bigger. Before the peaking of your summer veggies and flowers, do some refuelling to take your garden to the next level.

Go in for the following tasks, and your garden will look glorious. You will extend your summer season and ensure that your garden and lawn are in top shape.


It is a well- known fact that when the weather is hot and muggy, a dose of cold water will help cool down things. Your plants need water too. The trick is keeping your garden hydrated during the hot, summer days. It is not about watering more but doing smart watering. You must water plants early in the morning so that they soak up slowly over the rest of the day.

Feed Plants

The summer flowering plants and veggies in your garden will be continually hungry. You must feed container gardens, hanging baskets and annuals with liquid plant food, every 2 to 4 weeks. Vegetables like peppers and tomatoes are heavy feeders. Resume feeding every 2 weeks with organic fertilizers.


You can extend the life of perennial plants by deadheading flowers as soon as they are spent. This will encourage plants to keep blooming as long as the weather allows. Your favourite flowers, like roses, will flourish. You must prune shrubs of tomato now for fuller plants later.

Mowing Lawns

While mowing lawns, take care to keep mower blades high for encouraging healthy roots. You must cut grass in the evening to give time to recover and keep you cool.

More Planting

There are several fast-maturing plants, which will thrive in summer gardens and be ready for harvest in the fall. Try planting beans, cucumbers, radishes etc.

Beautify with Planters and Pots

There are so many companies out there which market a beautiful range of pots and planters. For instance, there are hybrid polymer planters available in online stores. These are durable, strong, and attractive. This summer begin your hobby as a gardener growing veggies and flowers both indoors and outdoors. 

Add Volcanic Basalt

This is the rock material from which many soils around the world have been formed. Compared to other volcanic rocks, basalt weathers faster and breaks down regularly in soil. Applying basalt powder is like adding a fresh deposit of natural soil minerals to your garden and lawn. Basalt starts to release nutrients to plants as soon as roots make contact.

Water Blasting

You will thoroughly enjoy it when you get hold of a water blaster to use on walls, paved areas, pathways, and fences in your garden space. If you don’t own one, there are many sources for hiring it.

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