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How to Decorate Terrace Garden With Planters?

In the times of rising constructions in concrete, the green spaces in our cities are dwindling fast. Because there is hardly any ground space remaining, the only mode of growing some greenery is on the balcony or terrace of homes and offices. The good news is that you can grow almost anything-fruits, vegetables or flowers on the terrace. 

An empty terrace is like a piece of blank canvas for creating beautiful artwork. For many, their terrace is the opportunity to get close to nature. You can create an amazing green oasis on your terrace with pots and planters. Search for planters online like hybrid polymer planters online

The following are some pointers to decorate the terrace garden with planters: 

Plan your free space

Great ideas for gardens, particularly small terrace gardens, are totally about planning the free space first and afterwards the planters. After all, we create gardens to spend time in them and not just to accommodate plants. After planning the free space, you could convert it into a lawn or have some good garden furniture or gazebo, where you can relax. As a thumb rule, allocate a minimum of 60% of your available terrace area for free space. 

Consider sunlight

You must know how much sunlight is received by your terrace and in what part of the day. Direct sunlight helps in photosynthesis and keeps plants looking green and fresh. In case your terrace gains 6 to 8 hours of sunlight daily, you can grow a wide variety of plants in planters across your garden. 

Preparing roof

The first task is to prepare the roof for a garden and make it water-resistant and leakage-free so that the building does not suffer any damage. Water-proofing is a simple procedure, and there are many water proofing materials available in the market. 

Start gardening

The premise is that small steps lead to big change. Start with simple steps and then allow your idea to grow bigger and bigger. Pots and planters are the best for your terrace garden. Get planters from the market or recycle any containers from your home. You can buy planters online India

Cover the drainage hole at the bottom with stones such that there is space for water to flow and to avoid soil being discharged. Mix compost, soil and vermin compost in equal amounts and fill the pot. Wet the soil and sow the seed or grow a sapling and observe it grow. 

Bring in variety

Your terrace garden is your own, special personal space. Show your creativity in the garden and bring in variety not only in the plants you grow but also in types of containers. Go in for recycled containers for a green and environment friendly option. Think out of the box- Coke bottles, coconut shells, bamboo baskets, kitchen utensils, plastic boxes, broken baskets- anything can work so thinks twice before throwing these away. 

Selection of plants

Take baby steps and begin with something you are familiar with. In case you desire vegetables, begin with fast-growing and low maintenance varieties like fenugreek, coriander, chilli, capsicum etc. Once you gain confidence, you can progress to other vegetables and fruits. Almost all vegetables can be grown on terrace gardens.

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