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How to make your garden look bigger?

The very thought of seating in your garden surrounded by lush green plants fills you with a sense of serenity. There are many garden enthusiasts out there spending quality time in making their green space even more beautiful. If you are one of them and looking for ways to make your small garden look bigger and more attractive then this post is just for you. Just place your plastic planter pots as suggested in this blog and see the magic.

Empty The Space

First thing first, you need to get a precise idea regarding available space and for that, you need to declutter the space. Start with emptying the area and placing everything available in the garden at some other location temporarily. Then take a brief look at your garden space and make a rough idea of the relocation of plants and furniture. This would help you in getting the right idea about your space and you would be able to use it efficiently.

Choose The Right Color For Your Walls

Colors play a unique role and have different effects on seeing things. You need to choose the right color carefully to make your space look bigger. For example warm color such as red and yellow makes you feel that you are closer to the object. Whereas cool colors such as green and blue make you feel that you are away from the object irrespective of the fact that you are looking at the same apace. Following this theory, you must opt for cool colors which would make your space look bigger and place your plastic planter pots after getting your garden painted.

Light It Up

Having a well-lit garden won’t only beautify your garden but also give an organized look at night. You can use beautiful light strings over your plastic planter pots or buy LED planters at Yuccabe Italia. This is one of the most popular ideas to make your garden look attractive at night.

Confine As Per Your Space

The basic arrangement of your plastic planter pots will decide the final look of your garden. You can start by arranging the plants of the same type together to give a structured look. Also, make sure to keep enough space for seating by placing normal sized furniture.

Use Mirror Artistically

Yes, you read it right! Putting a mirror at your garden space can make it look bigger and stylish. It is simple physics. All you need to do is to pick an ideal size of mirror and place it where it would receive more sunlight. This would reflect sunlight towards other plants as well and make your garden look bigger and lively.

We hope these tips would help you in decorating your garden space. Follow our social media platforms for regular updates and keep planting with plastic planter pots available at Yuccabe Italia.

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