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How To Take Care Of Your Plants In Summer?

Many plants enter major growth phases during the long, sunny days of summer. But things are far from perfect. Plants, like people, can suffer from sunburn and dehydration. Some plants like cacti thrive in the summer while others find it tough to survive.

But there is no need to stress. Go green by buying plastic plant pots online to begin a summer garden. 

You can take care of your plants this summer by adhering to following tips: 

Avoid sunburn

Some plants that usually thrive in their spot inside the home may not be as happy during the summer. For instance, strong afternoon sun can be tremendously harsh for some houseplants and moving them to a shady area may drastically enhance their appearance. Are there burned, droopy or curling leaves- it may be time to adjust. 

Stay hydrated

This is sound advice for every living thing in summer. In summer, you need to water more than in fall and winter. Obvious signs like curling leaves and wilting flowers imply that your plants need more water. You must water plants in the early morning or late evening when the sun is not so strong such that the water does not evaporate. In case your potting mix is drying quickly, you can help it stay hydrated by adding mulch or rocks on top of the soil. 

Don’t overwater

Overwatering is a sure way to kill your houseplant. Look out for signs like fungus or mould on the surface of the soil or young and old leaves falling down simultaneously. Also, look for leaves with brown edges or brown rotten patches or insects around the damp soil. When the soil becomes excessively moist, it prevents roots from getting oxygen, so they suffocate and begin to break down. 

Prune regularly

You must prune any unnecessary or dying foliage that will otherwise be ripe for pesky insects or infections. But you can leave lacklustre leaves alone since your plant might be re-absorbing nutrients before dropping them. Do not allow leaves to pile up on the soil as a pile of decaying leaves can attract pests in your plastic garden pots. 

Keep up humidity

Several indoor houseplants thrive with a decent amount of humidity and things like heat waves, dry summers, or air-conditioning may reduce the quantum of humidity in your home. Ensure that your plants are not in the direct paths of any air vents and mist your plants regularly. In case things are really dry, you may invest in a humidifier. 

Adjust watering schedule

Some plants can be extra thirsty during summer. Ensure that you check with your plants and tweak your watering schedule as required. Some plants like Ferns or Calatheas dry out fast in summer, so you may need to water them several more times than other times of the year or like other plants. 

Prepare for vacation

Going on a holiday? No need to worry. Take care to water your plants deeply before you leave- they will be fine for a week or two. If you are gone for more than 2 weeks, you might solicit the help of friends to water them for you. But if you travel most of the time and still want the greenery, invest in plants like Zanzibar Gem or Snake Plant which are amazingly drought-resistant and can go without water for weeks.

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