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Plastic gardening pots make your garden look beautiful

Plastic gardening pots are usually used for gardening purposes, it’s rather a popular choice these days as they are lightweight and easy to carry around. Plastic pots are considered the best option for home purposes as even if they fell, they don’t break easily. So in this, we are going to cover some of your questions like:

  • What are plastic pots?
  • Are they safe to use?
  • Which plastic pots should you get?
  • Can you use them for other purposes?

What are plastic pots?

As I said, it’s a lightweight pot made from plastic. The outdoor planters are flexible and won’t break easily good for keeping the moisture inside the pot for your plants. It comes in different colors, sizes and designs to choose from.

Are they safe to use?

Well, many people think plastic pot is harmful to our environment as it is still plastic. I can’t argue with that but almost every plastic pot you will see is made from recycled materials and can easily be reused. So you can say it is safe to use. Just make sure when you don’t have use for it, give it back to the nursery so they can use it or recycle it. If you don’t want to give it back, then read the article till the end as I will tell some other purpose that gardening pots can be used for.

Which plastic pot should you get?

Well, it depends on your plant size and type, but you should consider buying a pot that is at least ⅓  of your plant height. There are other things to consider before buying outdoor planters, if you are busy and cannot water your plants daily or if you have a plant that cannot take much heat. Then you should not get the dark color or black plastic pots as it will absorb the heat and make your soil dry up soon. If you don’t pay attention to that your plant’s leaves will start to dry up, while on the other hand, you have plants like cactus, etc. You should get only the dark color ones, especially the black one as it will keep the heat inside the soil.

Can you use them for other purposes?

When we buy a plastic pot for our small plants, later when the plants get bigger we usually just throw the plastic pots away. What if you can use that for a lot of other things in your garden only? Won’t that be great? Well, lucky you because you actually can use them for other things.

● Sprinkler

As we all know every pot has holes at the bottom which can be useful while sprinkling fertilizer evenly to your plants.

● Save plants from frost/snow

If it’s winter and it’s snowing, then you can use your pots to cover up your tender plants. That is not likely to get damaged from the snow and frost.

● Use it for watering

The gardening pots hold the water inside and keep the moisture in the soil. So you can dig a hole in your garden and put your plastic pot inside that hole and cover it totally with soil, now you can put the plant in it. As the plastic pot will hold the water, that means it will be beneficial for your plant.

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