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Wall Hanging Planters Care Tips

There is an additional beauty factor in having the wall hanging planters at your office or home as they provide a distinct design to the decoration. With the help of wall hanging planters, you can save up space and showcase the greenery and beautiful flowers falling downwards from your hanging basket. Growing plants in wall hanging planters are quite similar to growing them in-ground pots. You just need to be careful while choosing the right pot. In this article, we are going to share some planting advice for your wall hanging planters to make the process easier and fun-filled.

Keep Sunlight your top priority

As we humans require food, plants require sunlight. In the case of indoor plants, you need to choose the location of wall hanging planters wisely. Plants need to get an abundance of sunlight to grow properly. Shop the vertical planter of your choice. 

Compute the potential height of the plant

Vertical planters require special attention while choosing the plant. Before planting the seed, you must be aware of the potential height of the plant. A plant that is too tall might look awkward on the height but can be appropriate for ground planters. Choose the plants keeping in mind the location of your wall hanging planters.

Don’t make it a roadblock

Indeed wall hanging planters enhance the beauty of surrounding but if not placed at the right location they can act as the roadblock and obstacle for people passing by. Also, you need to be careful with the height so that you can water and fertilize your plants easily. Once your plant starts growing it will become heavy and difficult to move.

Hanging Garden = Thirsty Garden

If you have a vertical garden then be prepared to keep your plants hydrated regularly. It is simple science! As your plants are hanging up there, they would be exposed to more wind and moisture which would make them even thirstier. Wall hanging planters need more water as compared to ground planters. For indoors you must opt for plants that demand less water, so that you could avoid chaos.

Shape your plants with stakes

Certain plants grow naturally outwards and require stakes or cages for a definite shape. To make your plants grow upwards and enhance the beauty of your space you must get stakes for them. 

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