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Lighting conditions needed for indoor plants

For houseplants to have their full-fledged growth, having an adequate amount of lighting is essential.

If you do not want your maintained floras and faunas to slowly wither away with time, you need to provide them with a sufficient amount of lighting.

Well, it can be difficult to give them their proper requirement considering lack of window space or the usual seasonal changes, but you can still make the most of what you have by choosing the best indoor lighting for your plant members.

Offering the light

For those having trouble in understanding how much light should be enough for a plant, there are certain techniques and instances of natural light settings implemented by others.

Knowing how they have come up with their best indoor lighting setup can give you an idea of your own design.

So here go some pointers to remember while choosing the best light setting and hybrid planters for indoor plants.

For Plants requiring more light

There are some who wishes not to attain the full capacity of sunlight while there are others who require its full essence.

It’s best to know the requirement of each plant in your indoor garden so that you can organize them accordingly.

Cactus and succulents are known to thrive in the summer sun. Hence it’s better if you place them on a south-facing window to let them experience the wholesome glare of the sun.

A setting guide for plants requiring partial light

As much as sunlight tends to be an essential requirement for plant growth, there are some selected species who may not like to be under the glare of the sun for an extended amount of time.

The partial requirement of light is common among the flowering plants and are best if placed in an east or west-facing window.

By setting at such places, you are basically subjecting the plants to the morning and evening sun where the glare seems not that intense.

Such flowering plants grow best when they are exposed to partial shade and sunlight.

Facing the light indirectly

Many foliage types make do with their lighting requirement without being exposed to the direct sun. As such, they should be placed in a window facing southwards.

While east and west-facing windows are extensively used, for them letting in the maximum amount of sunlight, you can opt to place your plants a little far enough so that they will be able to avert the early sunrise and early departure of sunset.

Know before you do it

Now whether you are one like to hybrid pot for indoor plants or a fan of clay pots, you must be aware of the light requirement of each species that you are willing to grow.

You can even go for artificial light settings for plants by choosing incandescent or fluorescent lights. They are the best when it comes providing light to the houseplants.

It does matter a little on whether you are providing Natural light or artificial light to your houseplants, but still, it does not affect the growth of plants. 


While maintaining an adequate proportion of water, humidity, and temperature, you should include in the factor of lighting. By offering them the proper amount of light, you are doing more than just enabling them to grow to their full essence. 

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