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How to take care of your balcony garden?

Either to have an essence of fresh air, a moment of peace or some alone time to analyze thoughts balconies are the places where you can escape from the flaccid dimensions of the world and give your mind a rest.

Providing a space in the stagnant remains of societies these balconies are the most peaceful spaces in a home that provides an outdoor aesthetic from your domicile. Residential spaces located especially in urban settings have limited outdoor space and thus do not provide an adequate aesthetic for your comfort.

In order to beautify these outdoor space of solace, people have started decorating their balconies with exotic flowers and grass blades. Arranging a wide range of flowers and other greeneries these outdoor platform has become a garden and thus came the term balcony garden.

This balcony garden brings out the creativity within people and offers a less-similar essence of a traditional garden. As more and more houses are constructed limiting the outdoor space, the demand for balcony gardens are increasing day by day. More individuals have taken to set up gardens in their balconies with graceful flora and fauna.

It enhances the beauty and the surrounding inside home preserving though taking care of it is not a simple task. As these flowers and plants require basic amenities such as adequate water, exposure to sunlight and fertilizers to shine magnificently it requires exquisite care for its beauty to magnify.

There are many blogs and articles that provide necessary information regarding ideas of designing a garden house as well as its basic requirements. As preserving such a heritage can become cumbersome and a troublesome burden here are some tips and guides that will help you in setting up for your balcony garden and provide the necessary treatment.

  • One of the essential decisions that you have to make while setting up your garden is suitable for choosing plants and herbs that will be compatible with your provided surrounding. Some of them thrive in moisture-rich conditions while others thrive in dry conditions.
  • Considering the parameters of temperature, humidity level or sun exposure as to your surroundings can help you in selecting specific plants for your balcony. Plants such as blueberry, currants, rosemary, basil, and vine plants are perfect for any balcony garden.
  • As it is a basic fact that plants need sunlight to grow it is necessary that each plant starting from the small nursery to shrubs get the proper exposure from sunlight. So it is important that you plan your layout according to the position of sun rays manifesting outside your home.
  • Selecting a perfect container that provides the necessary accommodation for plants of your choice is an essential factor. Though clay pots have thick edges that protect the plants from abrupt changes in temperature that may be lethal plants they have also the disadvantage of getting dry fast which can make it unsuitable for moisture friendly such as ferns or in the process of germination. On the other hand, plastic garden planters are environment-friendly and provide suitable accommodation for any kind of parameters which makes them the optimal choice for homegrown.
  • It is also to be noted that you don’t create a clutter while choosing large no. of plants for your home-made garden as too many of them can hinder in their growth and will prohibit them from thriving.

As gardening is an act of therapy, it helps in providing a healthy surrounding in your house as well as in yourself. So be sure to keep your balcony garden healthy and yourself happy!

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