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Yuccabe Italia is a market leader in modern and expertly-crafted décor solutions for both indoors and outdoors offering an extensive range of planters. Yuccabe stands for quality, reliability and innovation with 15 years of experience. An arm of the Yuccabe Group, it caters specifically to the requirements and desires of the individual consumer, bringing professionally attested products to the modern home and office.

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Yuccabe aims to make you long to get home or enjoy that cozy & warm feeling when you see your space tasteful with our planters like never before. We aim to inspire and excite decor & plants fans all over the world.

Experience 'biophilia'

Biophilia refers to the affinity with the nature and that’s what our natural liking is. Humans have a deeply engrained love of nature which is an intuitive and natural drive imprinted into our DNA.

How we started

Listen. Read. Watch.

The journey dates back to 2000 with fondness & love of banker-turned entrepreneur Mr. Kuldeep Kalsi for gardening. 
As an enthusiastic and knowledgeable plantsman, he loved plants and knew how to cherish them; he would often gift people plants on special occasions.
Investing his own resources extensively to drive the company in its early days, Mr. Kalsi created a unique catalog of products breaking through existing limits on size and quality.
His knowledge, dedication and a desire to spread greenery fused with our creative forces to design & craft the perfect planters gave birth to Yuccabe.



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Plant Pots India - Buy the most perfect and lightweiight planters at Yuccabe Italia

Hear what others have to say...

Hear it from others:

At first, I was skeptical whether to buy or not, but to my surprise, the size & quality is just perfect. It came in a sturdy packaging and I like everything about the product.



I have liked all the planters that I have bought from this company so far. It makes the area
look modern and so clean.

Heena Wadhwa


I have bought multiple planters in the past but this one was completely different & stunning. Love to see it everyday



I have been wanting to buy planters and I was shocked when I placed them in my house. They look just so beautiful. Not that bog, not that small, just the perfect size.


Local Radio Host

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