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3 Mistakes to Avoid While Planting in Planters

  • By yuccabeitalia
  • •  Jul 04, 2020

Do you love gardening? Of course, it does not have anything to do with age. It can be the interest of people from all walks of life. It is just like art, in which people like to beautify their homes to either enhance their property’s value or fulfil their passion for planting more and take care of them. While trying growing plants in a container, you might face many failed attempts. You may not be able to assess what is the real cause.

Planting and cultivating some crops and flowers in tray or even hanging planters may seem easy, but it would turn out to be a disaster if you don’t pay any attention to how the plants should be handled in the containers. You need to handle every task related to planting with utmost care. Slacking off in any aspect may break your heart at the end. If you want to enjoy the satisfaction and real pleasure of seeing your plants grow, you should be aware of the three mistakes people usually do while growing in containers.

Planting Wrong Crops in the Wrong Season -

First is growing the plants and flowers in the season they are not supposed to be grown. When you grow plants in the season which are not conducive to the plant, they may not get what they actually require, thus ceasing their growth. For example, if we talk about spinach or peas which are cool-weather crops, they may bolt if they are planted in late spring or summer due to the extreme heat.

Less or Excess Watering Potted Plants -

Second is not giving heed when plants are watered. While growing plants in pots, you must have accurate knowledge about watering, otherwise, over or under watering the plants in containers could lead to the worst consequences. Your plant can die if you water it too much or forget to water for two-three days. To come up with the precise amount, you should know about every minute detail as it may vary on a different basis.

Planting a Lot of Plants in One Pot -

The third is when you plant an excess number of plants in a single container, which constitutes of limited nutrients. And in case multiple plants are planted, they may not get the right amount resulting in stunted growth and even less output.  

Along with these, you need to care about some other essential aspects if you want your plants to nurture well.  You must determine the size of the container first, which is quite an important requirement for some specific plants. The potting mix would be an ideal solution, containing all the valuable substances. And last is the requirement of fertilizers. There may be an issue when excess water can drain out the bottom, and to solve that, additional fertilizer may help.

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