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5 Artistic Ways To Use Flowerpots As Décor

  • By yuccabeitalia
  • •  Sep 10, 2020

We all are aware of how the plants can help us in breathing fresh air and creating a green and fresh ambience. But there is much more that you can do with the plants. Apart from benefitting from the fresh air, you can make them a part of your home décor. Yes, you heard that right! The pots can be used in several interesting ways to create a charming décor for your home. 

After all, there are no set of specific rules for home décor, and you can let your imagination work wonders with the beautiful pots. Make the most of the versatile and refreshing look that indoor plants can offer to your house.  

Let’s have a look at 5 artistic ways to use the flowerpots as décor: 

  • The plant wall

This is one of the beautiful ways of accommodating flowerpots in your décor. The vertical garden looks simply amazing and makes for a statement wall. You can choose a small wall in any part of your home, preferably living room or near the balcony and place several flowerpots in vertically on a stand to create your magnificent vertical garden. This beautiful artwork can beat even the most expensive wall frames and décor pieces. 

  • Mini rooftop garden

Another way of including flowerpots in your décor is to have a mini rooftop garden. It can also be created in a penthouse. For others, there is always an option of a balcony. Even a small balcony can be made attractive by having various pots with different colourful flowers. You can also include some other plants for a versatile garden. 

  • Hanging pots

The hanging pots are one of the most beautiful pots which can enhance the visual appeal of your décor. Simply hang these flowerpots in your balcony or any of the windows in your living or bedroom. The sight of lovely flowers hanging in your home will rejuvenate your senses. You can

buy hanging flower pots online to plant colorful flowers in the hanging pots for an attractive look.  

  • Asymmetrical

Instead of the conventional vertical design, you can experiment with the asymmetrical placement of the pots. Get custom asymmetrical shelves made near the stairs or an isolated corner of your home. Place beautiful flowerpots on the shelves and enhance the beauty of your home. The asymmetrical design would be a treat for your eyes. 

  • Bathroom garden

You can not only have flowerpots in your living or bedroom but also in your bathroom. Don’t neglect the bathroom and give a fresh look by placing some flowerpots on the textured walls or huge pots on the corners of the bathroom. 

These beautiful ideas can be executed even more beautifully when you have equally attractive pots and for amazing pots what better than Yuccabe Italia! You can even buy led flower pots online in different shapes, sizes, and colours in the affordable price range delivered at your doorstep. Explore the Yuccabe Italia webpage and book your favourite pot today!

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