5 Things to Consider When Selecting Balcony Railing Planters

If you are living in a flat in a city and looking to grow a garden in your gallery, the balcony railing planters may serve the purpose well. Due to space constraints, growing an outdoor garden is not always possible. Yet, you can have your own garden in your balcony when you opt for these planters; albeit on a small scale.

Nonetheless, there are multiple options in balcony railing planters to choose from. Also, you may need help in selecting the ones that would serve your purpose best. To help you during your quest, in the following details, we have listed some aspects to consider for making the right choice among the several options in these planter kinds.

  1. Hook Arrangement
You must look for planters that contain hooks and can be suspended from railings, terraces, and balconies. Keep in mind that if the planters have a hanging arrangement, then they will not crowd your floors. Also, the spaces will have a decluttered look. A win-win situation in all!
  1. Lightweight
Normally, balcony railing planters are available in sizes within the range of 16 inches to 24 inches. Also, both heavy and lightweight varieties are available. As compared to the bulky ones, the lightweight models make for a better choice as they can be moved from one room to another with ease and without much effort.
  1. Durability
The durability aspect is important to consider when shopping for planters, including the balcony railing ones. Keep in mind that planters are kept in the outdoor spaces and exposed to the sun’s harsh rays and rough weather conditions. In such a scenario, there is need for the plant containers to be durable or else they will not be able to withstand such conditions. Consequently, your plants will start to deteriorate. Moreover, you will not get your money’s worth as they might break easily.

Furthermore, if the planters are not durable, there is a possibility that they may develop cracks, thereby, leading to seepage of water from the fissures. As a result of water seeping through the planters, your décor could get damaged too.

Therefore, you must enquire about the durability of the planters prior to their purchases and take suitable decisions.
  1. Size of your Plants
Balcony railing planters are available in varied sizes. Also, you can grow small-sized to medium-sized plants in them. But, keep in mind that the medium-sized planets must have shallow roots if you want to grow them in the balcony planters. Depending on the size of your plants, you must make your choice among the different dimensions of these planters.
  1. Location
Some planters are designed to keep within the indoors of your home while others are devised for the outdoor spaces. However, some planters are suitable to keep in the indoors and outdoors of your home and they constitute as a wise choice.


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