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A Brief Look at Various Types of Planters for Indoor Plants

When you enter someone’s house, it is quite inevitable that if the house is well decorated, it will catch your attention and will make you feel extra comfortable in it. This is because the interior design game is on point and everything is well- aligned with the color and variety of furniture.

However, the catchiest thing in the room might be the variegated sizes, colors and shapes of living plants in attractive planters. The next question which will pop up in your head is how these plants can survive indoors when it’s actual place should be outdoors. This depends on the plants you purchase and the planters you purchase to place your chosen plants in.

Indoor planters have specific conditions and properties which are suitable for room temperature and do not have to be outside to survive. It is completely feasible to have a variety of plants outdoors, but it’s even better to have your own flora and fauna collection in your living room.

It is imperative to note that overdoing it will make it look like you’ve put in too much effort and things might look overdone. The basic thumb rule is to keep it simple and spacious and conjure a theme in your head which you want to follow.

Here are a few planters which can be utilized for indoor planting:-

Clay Planter:

Clay Planters are the most common type of pot for indoor plants as they are found in abundance and are used in almost every kind of residence, be it in a rural setup or an urban setup. They are attractive because of their aesthetic antique look which will dearly compliment a wooden setup.

They are heavy in their composition and is hence difficult to shift around. Another loophole with clay planter is that it is easily breakable, need to be watered frequently because of its high ability to retain moisture and it is difficult to clean the remains of dirt on the sides of the pot. Additionally, there has been a recent rise in the prices of clay planters.

Plastic Planters:

These are the most popular type of planters and are used popularly in almost every modern household. They are the easiest to locate in the market and can be found in abundance in the online market as well. The biggest advantage they have is being lightweight so it is easily portable.

This gives you the incentive to change your themes as well as the placement of the pots in correspondence. They come in various shapes and sizes and colors to diligently suit your plant preferences and is extremely easy to clean out the stubborn soil remains on the sides of the pots.  The only loopholes associated with plastic planters are that it can break easily in the cold weather. Hence, these are the most preferable choice of the planter to purchase for indoors.


The other types of indoor planters include basketry, metal, treated or rot-resistant wood, glazed pottery and glass which are mainly used for special events and not on a daily basis.

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