A Buyer’s Guide to Buy the Best Planters

Garden is like a bespoke jacket that can make an otherwise mundane and casual ensemble look beautiful. However, if you want to magnify the overall aura of the space, then you need to get the right planters. Since planters play a vital role, you need to choose them carefully.

Apparently, you can avail planters made from various materials like metal that can hold more water than the porous wood planters and also lightweight plastic pots for plants. It can be a tricky affair to choose the right planters because a lot of things could factor into your selection process. Let’s have a quick look.

Size matters:

A large size pot will ideally hold more soil thus giving room for the roots to grow easily. It is advisable that you buy pots or planters where the plants are more visible than the planters.

Get the right materials:

Planters made from metal can be cost-effective and easy to handle; however, ceramic planters are better than the metal ones because metal planters might rust over a period. But then of course, if you have plants that need more water, then you should choose the metal or plastic pots for plants because these planters will prevent the water from evaporating into the atmosphere.

On the other hand, wooden planters can get mildewed if you fail to clean them properly. In fact, you can use wooden planters to conceal your plastic pots. You can also choose ceramic pots if you want a more exotic look but you need to keep in mind that these types of planters are breakable.

In fact, you should always choose plastic pots for plants that are tiny because they can hold water and accommodate little plants easily; in addition, they are cost effective too.

Consider seasons:

Since each material has different properties and they behave differently in distinct environmental conditions, you need to consider seasonal-effects on your planters. For instance, if you want to get planters that must accommodate heavy plants and are likely to sit outdoor throughout the year, then you should consider buying wooden planters or the sturdiest planters made from cement or stone.

Ceramic planters react to extremely cold weather conditions. That means you can find them cracking in winter. Hence, make sure that you bring them indoors in winter so that you can reinstall them in the summer.

Drainage system:

Sine each plant has different watering needs, you need to consider buying planters that have a good drainage system. That means most of the planters will come with drainage holes.  Planters without drain holes would mean that they are designed to act as concealing pots.

Ultimately, by considering the above factors, you can easily choose the right planters for your garden. However, you need to find a specialized planter supplier or manufacturer if you want to get the highest quality pots. So, make sure that you carry out your research and get the best planters for your garden. Note; consider your plant's nature and watering needs before setting out to get planters.

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