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A few indoor plants that are ideal for your music studio

Music studios are the official site for composers who indulge in creating new genres of music. Residing within the four walls with sound equipment is what created the recent flow of art in music. Also, the famous music artists that you see performing live in concerts and operas spend a great deal of time in studio houses either for rehearsing or creating new tunes. One can even say that music studios act as a temple for artists and composers as they can exert their full devotion on that platform.

Adding plants can be healthy – myth or fact?

Since it’s all about experimenting with creativity, you can try bringing more spirituality and natural vibes as they help catering to those creative aspects. One way of doing that is to add indoor plants in your studio home. If you are unsure whether they have any advantageous aspects in music composing then you would be delighted to know that plants actually boost your creative skills. Yes, it is a fact and not any rumoured myth that you can choose to not hear.

Plants have a way of increasing your work rate which can contribute to your composing sessions in several ways. They create unique bondage with the creative and technical subjects which create a healthy presence in your music studio. With their distinct relation with the surrounding aspects and a generator of dynamic essence can improve the efficiency of engineers.

How indoor plants contribute to a clean and healthy essence

If you have your own music studio then you should know about the issues of stale air and lingering of unpleasant smell which creates an undesirable ambience within the room. It is due to the heavy amount of isolation from the outside environment that makes the undesirable smell long lasting within the premise.

While you can’t afford to let your confined space to be subjected to the outside world as it would disrupt the flow of fluent flow of acoustic you can include those indoor planters as they help dispel the smell and offers a better circulation of the sound.

The natural purifier helps remove toxic essence of formaldehyde as well as benzene that is contributed from the in-house furniture and equipment. As a result, you are offering healthy workspace while expelling such poisonous fumes that contribute to a healthy form of respiration.

As a result, it allows a smooth session of mixing and mastering where producers can remain at their best physical stature.

Adding indoor planters can be convenient especially if your studio is located near sectors that have a high level of pollutions. By increasing the level of humidity they diminish the presence of smoke as well as dust from the surrounding air.

As an added bonus the innovative environment of a studio can be greatly influenced by the presence of a natural plant inside the confined space.

Plants you should include

Here are some recommendations for plants you should include in your studio house.

  • Reed Palm or Chamaedorea for filtering Benzene as well as Trichloroethylene and formaldehyde
  • Dracaena Mahatma or Cordyline for reducing sore throat, fatigue, coughs, and illness resulting from cold.
  • Aloe Vera for improving air quality.
  • Dracaena fragrance for creating a relaxing environment.
  • Philodendrons for generating positivity on the environment.


Try placing those natural pleasantries as close to natural light as possible. Be regular with the watering cycle and try getting hold of neutral soil for best results.

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