About Plastic Planter Boxes – All You Wanted to Know

During earlier times, the choices in planters were limited. Mostly, the ceramic pots were used extensively. However, in recent times, the consumers can enjoy a large variety of flowering pots. Nowadays, planters are made of different materials and they serve the varied needs of the diverse plants suitably.

Plant containers can be composed of different materials such as clay, stone, metal, and synthetics. In synthetic varieties, plastic has garnered popularity because planters composed of this material can serve a range of purposes.

You can avail a wide variety of plastic flower pots. They are available in varied styles, sizes, and colors. Also, there are several features of plastic planters that make them a favorite amongst the crowd.

It may interest you to know that plastic pots are durable. In fact, they do not absorb water, as a result of which they do not deteriorate easily and is a strong argument in their favor. Moreover, they can withstand the harsh rays of the sun and are preferred over the brittle clay-based terracotta ones for this precise reason.

Also, they score over the steel flower pots because they do not gather rust.

The plastic flower pots find fervor amongst a considerable percentage of people because they can be shifted from one place to another easily as well. They are lightweight in nature that makes them portable. If you grow plants in plastic planters, then they can be moved from sunny areas to shady ones. Also, they can be transferred indoors and outdoors – as per your preferences.

You may be surprised to learn that even the large-sized plastic plant containers are portable. For this reason, people choose the bulky plastic pots over the heavyweight terracotta ones.

Also, plastic is moldable due to which several manufacturing companies are able to engineer plastic pots in different shapes. Additionally, they are available in box varieties as well. In fact, a wide assortment of plastic planter boxes is available on the online portal Yuccabe Italia. Also, non-toxic plastic is widely used by the manufactures and does not affect the plants adversely.

Plastic pots are available in rounded and square contours. However, bear in mind that the square varieties can store greater amounts of soil; as a result, they are able to retain the plants for longer durations.

In plastic planter boxes, there are both inexpensive and expensive varieties to be availed. Keep in mind that plastic material has to undergo the injection molding process. Thereafter, they are considered to be semi-finished goods. If they are not processed further to add prints, then they are available at economical rates. However, plastic pots have different finishes as well. They richly embellished ones are priced higher than the ordinary and less-decorative ones.


On a concluding note, you must learn that using plastic planter boxes in colors such as black and other dark colors are a strict no-no for growing your plants. This is because these shades have a tendency of absorbing more heat and can cause root damage. Instead, opt for the light-colored ones as they reflect heat and maintain a favorable atmosphere for the roots due to which your plants grow in a healthy manner.

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