A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri 110018 New Delhi West IN
A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri New Delhi West, IN
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Add charm to your garden with flower pot/planters

For many garden enthusiasts, decorating their garden to make it the center of attraction is a priority job. It is very easy to change your garden into a style statement that would reflect your personality and lifestyle. Smaller the space, the more important it is to decorate the space beautifully and systematically.

Proper planning, choice of color and design can make a huge difference to your garden. Making your garden functional yet aesthetically pleasing is very simple and not time-consuming anymore. When you are planning to design your garden, there are a number of fun ideas you can implement, such as garden planters.

  1. Create a clean and sophisticated look by placing containers and planters in a straight line. The planters should be of the same size, color and material to bring some kind of uniformity in the design. They should be placed at the corners of the garden. Place containers on the balcony railing to give an attractive look.

  2. Using colorful pots and planters with colorful flowers can make your garden look fresh, lively and attractive. Place planters on the entry path if you have a garden in front of your house. This way, visitors will get a lovely welcome. Search for good quality flower planters that do not harm the plants and come at a reasonable price.

  3. If you are at a lack of space or if you want to save space, then hanging planters is the best way forward for you. Decorative planters, pillar planters, and hanging planters are a cool diversion from the standard pot planters and give your garden and balcony a trendy feel.

  4. It is almost unimaginable how simple household items or discards can be used or converted into planters if we put our creative mind to it. There are a number of DIY planters that you can try out. Use a hatchet to cut into a log of wood, keeping space at the two sides. Fill the log with soil and saplings or plants. Place the log in the garden and surround it with stones or rocks to keep it from rolling.

  5. Another DIY idea is to use natural rocks as planters. Make sure the rock has a deep enough depression to be able to hold the plant. You can use old books as a flower pot/planter as well. Make sure you are using a thick book for this. Stick the pages of the book cut a rectangular hole in the center using a sharp knife. Make sure the hole is 1.5 to two inches deep. Line the bottom with wax paper and place succulents insides. Lastly, you can use old paint cans as planters and place them on a small stool or step up a ladder for aesthetic purposes.


The key to creating a beautiful garden is to experiment and use everyday items in the best possible manner. Minimalist, simple and affordable designing is advisable if you have a small garden and you do not want to overcrowd the place. Make sure that you water your plants daily.

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