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All weather caring tips for hanging gardens

While it is easier to maintain a vertical hanging garden than a traditional garden plot, it still doesn’t make it free of maintenance.

One should be accustomed to caring for a hanging garden, which includes, watering, fertilizing, pruning, pest control and many more.

While at first, it might seem an overwhelming task, it will turn out to be quite normal and easy with regular practice.

Also, you have the advantage of much simpler maintenance, as growing plants up and above the ground makes it easy to take care of them as well as protect them from several problems.

Why is it easy to maintain a vertical or hanging garden?

Although the main intent is to ease the burden of maintenance, there are several things you can apply here.

You might think that your entire summer will be spent upon weeding, fertilizing, watering and fighting pests and diseases but it won’t turn out to be so.

One of the biggest benefits of hanging gardening is that it lets you easily take care of it and bear a productive and healthy garden.

While it is a true fact, the real question that poses here is the kind of maintenance required by such gardens.

The tasks being performed while caring for a garden is not much different, as you will still need to go on with watering, fertilizing, harvesting, etc.

They won’t be going away from the usual routine.

Still, there are some shortcuts you can go for while taking care of your vertical garden.

A guide towards taking care of vertical gardens

  • When it comes to taking care of a garden, the first thing that comes to mind is watering.

  • Whether you have placed those hanging pots on the window sill or designated them on the ground, providing them with a proper channel of water is essential.

  • There is both the right way and the wrong way of supplying water and following the latter path will basically keep them in a good shape.

  • Tips like watering at the base, providing adequate drainage, using an irrigation system, mulching garden are some of the beneficial tips of watering a garden.

  • You might struggle a bit while maintaining a vertical garden as there is the factor of weed control.


  • In case when you are gardening in containerized structures like towers, wall pockets, etc., the struggle becomes non-existent.


  • Meanwhile, it’s a whole different game when it comes to caring for the vertical garden growing in the ground.


  • One needs to attend to such widespread weed growth without making the struggle too much time-consuming.


  • To prevent weeds from growing in the first place, one should be consistent with regular mulching, adding a barrier for weed expansion and also stay away from watering plants.


  • An important aspect of maintaining a vertical garden is fertilizing.


  • There are several plant species that grow best when fed regularly throughout the nurturing season.


  • It comes as an instrumental factor while taking care of vertical plants and the hanging pots.


  • It is best to avoid using artificial chemical fertilizer and instead go for organic fertilizers.


  • The natural supplements offer a great complexion to the soil making it ideal for growing plants.


When it comes to dealing with pest or disease trouble, one should vertical garden poses less trouble as these are soil-borne diseases and are occurs rarely in pot soils.

Although one should never stop with their regular pruning and mulching as it not only keeps away the inconsistent pest troubles but also refines the soil structure.

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