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All you need to know about container gardening

  • By Yuccabe Italia
  • •  Jun 15, 2019

A widely spread garden can easily influence someone with its well-organized beauty and rich essence of colour. On the other hand, if you wish to exert that blissful essence within a small space then it may not be much appealing.

With the growing rate of urbanization and an ever-expanding population eating up all the space in the cities you can’t hope to acquire an acre of land for your gardening activities.

Space = luxury

In such a crisis of space, it is best to go with container gardening. For those who are unable to secure a certain amount of space for establishing a garden can be benefitted with the practice of container gardening. Container gardens are the types where plants are grown in containers like ceramic pots or clay pots, etc.

The practice becomes ideal for those who are granted limited space. For example, consider you have bought an apartment where your gardening practice seems to be limited to a small yard, balcony or on the front window of your kitchen.

You might think that such limited space would not be an ideal ground for gardening. On the other hand, if you get some ceramic pots to start plating your chosen varieties you might have a different perspective.

Starting a Container garden

If you are already on your way to the market then its best to get hold of plants life like basil, chives, and thymes as they are known to have an enriching growth in pots. In matters of versatility container gardening excels in providing such vibrant attributes in both small and large patches of garden.

It can be well implemented from the fact that plants exert an instant colouration while providing a focal point in the garden. It is best to state that the plants seem to tie in the architecture of the house to the garden.

With container gardening, you have several options for organizing your garden. You can place them on the pedestals, mount them on the windowsill or else hang them on the porch.

The various aspects of container gardening

While delving into the practice of container gardening it is best to exert your undivided attention towards the containers. The containers play a major factor as it withholds the overall framework of your miniature garden.

To begin with, you need to determine the size that would be ideal for you. Containers do come in distinct shapes and sizes which contain an ideal proportion of resources required by the plants.

There are types that require a sizeable space and those that require a little bit. No matter whichever type of plant you choose to grow, it is best if you indulge yourself in a bit of research.

If you don’t want the soil to become waterlogged causing the plants to die, then you should be given more importance to the drainage holes. In case the container doesn’t have any, you can try drilling them yourself.

See to it that there is enough space in those holes as larger the size of holes more water will be drained out.


There are several things to look for while selecting a pot. You need to go over the type of materials you want in your containers such as terracotta, clay or concrete verities. Each has its own sets of attributes to offer. It is best to prepare yourself by doing research and then select the plant varieties with their containers. Only then can you have own container garden.

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