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A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri New Delhi West, IN
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An insight into vertical gardens and their rising popularity in urban homes

Gardening is not something people have grown accustomed to in the modern age.  It is quite an age-old tradition that brings harmony between nature and human inhabitants. For those who have grown a fondness towards the beauty of nature has sought towards gardening not only for its delicate splendour but the satisfaction it provides to the user.

Gardening in the new era

As much as gardening has evolved into several forms, some of the trends that have been implemented in the modern age had its imputation from the former practices. Yes, it is a fact. You might have thought that types like terrace gardening or vertical gardening are modern age practice but on the contrary, these ideas were established a long time ago.

Speaking of vertical gardening, French botanist Patrick Blanc was the first one who came up with the idea of carpeting a building both on the inside and outside with plants.

During such innovative time, his idea of bonding nature with large scale urbanization was quite a thing to be wonderful at. Soon the idea became a widespread practice developing an innovative trend at that time. 

The origin of Vertical gardening

When Patrick Blanc was asked about how the idea began to take the form he replied that it was his tendency to bridge the gap between the city and its people with plants. Soon vertical gardens gained popularity in those urban sectors increasing the demand for vertical garden pots.

Moreover, a living breathing wall of plants adds a delicate blissful essence over a mundane gloomy atmosphere. At present vertical gardening has its demand in the residential sectors where inhabitants are trying to preserve the trend as well as make a bond with nature.

Features of vertical gardening

There are several reasons as to why vertical gardens are highly desired upon by many. Here are some of the implicit remarks that have been made by those who have blended their interiors with various types of foliage.

  • The vibrant format of vertical garden encourages a distinctive flow between the indoor and outdoor. It establishes an attractive decorum while granting a refreshing ambience in your house.
  • Lush foliage planted on the inner and outer walls adds life to the exteriors. The artful depiction imparts a whole new level of beauty which might be termed as an unexpected delight.
  • Everyone has their own views towards nature. With a vertical garden, many have come up with their own form of expression, No matter what you try, a vertical garden is always known to attract eyes with its captivating features of beauty.
  • The properly planted vertical garden pots are known to expand the outdoor space. Without taking up any floor space, the garden has the ability to bring the outside on the inner rooms.


While the creative design of vertical gardening seems to have a growing fondness from the urban dwellers, it has been the one to recall the greeneries as a part of home decor. For those residing in cities have never known what it is like to live among nature. Hence you can say that vertical gardening may have created that option. Enhancing the small outdoor sections of your apartment, vertical gardens grant a refreshing decorum in the living space.

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