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Avoid overwatering and excess use of fertilizers in your garden

Water and fertilizers are the essential necessities needed for the growth of plants. The basic resources help to offer a nourishing growth to the plants while keeping them intact. As essential it is to pour substantial drops of water into the plants you need to bear in mind not give them the excess amount. Giving more than the necessary amount can affect the proper balance of nourishment which leads them to wither and die.

It has been pointed out by avid gardeners that overwatering and excessive usage of fertilizers are one of the main reasons that cause the plants to die. You may wonder as to why supplying such excessive proportions of water can be harmful to the plants when it is their major requirement.

Overwatering and over usage of fertilization is more like excessive consumption of food where you eat more than required. While consuming more than the desired amount you feel sick and tired and not much well to carry out your regular activities.

Now consider you are doing it every day where you are having more than your stipulated amount of lunch. You will gradually become sick with fatality becoming the worst result. The same goes for plants and their resources. If you oversupply them with food or water and fertilizers daily you are gradually diminishing their vitality.

While it covers the basic gist of overwatering and fertilizers you need to know their impact on the overall plant health. Let’s get a look at them one by one.


Supplying water at an excessive amount of limits or even breaks off the supply of oxygen. Not being able to have oxygen means a fatal outcome as plants require oxygen to survive and function properly. Apart from that, you are also causing the roots to decay which is irreversible and leading them to rot.

Although carbon dioxide is its main contributor to producing food plants require oxygen to stay healthy. Oxygens are mainly obtained through the nutrients procured by the roots from the soil. The roots encompassing the soil structure extract all the required oxygen from the small air pockets. Once you are adding excess water you are wiping out the presence of oxygen causing the roots to lose access to its crucial resource.

While not being able to extract the proper amount of oxygen the roots start decaying. Typically rotting or decaying of roots are caused by poor drainage or in some cases waterlogging. With rotten root unable to get oxygen from the soil cause the plants to give up and die.

The irreversible damage to the roots makes it unable to suck up all the waters and the soil nutrients. Hence the irony is that the overwatering leads to an insufficient amount of water within the plants.

Excessive fertilizers

As overwatering wipes out all the necessary fertilizers from the soil, supplying an excessive amount of it leads to fertilizers burns. As fertilizer salts tend to extract water from the soil supplying it an excessive amount can lead to dry patches of land which are seen in drought. Unable to get their desired amount of water the leaves start getting yellow and the plants tend to die.


You need to know the proper level of requirement for supplying water and fertilizer. Every flower pot buys online have its own level of requirement that needs to be abided for its healthy growth.            

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