A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri 110018 New Delhi West IN
A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri New Delhi West, IN
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Benefits of having vertical garden planters

Vertical gardens are a gorgeous, space-saving and valuable addition in any city or town. Read on to know more:

A general solution to the city space problem

Population in the last few years has seen a tremendous rise. With more and more visitors becoming citizens and the diminishing death rates have proven that soon, there will be a crisis. As trees are replaced, by shopping complexes, restaurants, and rail, roads the scarcity of space is a prevalent event, and it is bound to happen.

As cities are becoming more and more congested, the section of the inhabitants mainly receding in apartments and buildings having proper access to garden space is notably reducing. One productive solution to this has been the rise of an innovative form of urban gardening, including rooftop farming, and terrace gardening.

Its impact on the environment

Vertical gardens don't just look great they are reasonably good, for nature as well. Vertical gardens further help in reducing the carbon footprint of a house by cleaning pollutants and eliminating harmful substances from the air, which also serves those living nearby as the state of the air is improved.

Outside wall upright gardens help in reducing the heat absorption, which can result in notable power savings in areas where people rely on air-conditioning throughout the summer season.

Make your own Vertical garden and reduce stress

Yes, you can make your own vertical garden by hanging a bag or by baskets, mounting wall planters in an upward hanging rod looks fabulous. The role of plants in human existence doesn't need any separate introduction.

Make sure to water them when required, and not always so that they don't sag. Proper lighting and little love are all that is needed, after that for it to grow.

Vertical farming: The true meaning and how it is a useful solution

It's called, vertical as you are trying to grow crops on a small area by moving in an upward direction into buildings. It commonly means that, instead of having an individual, separate layer of crops spreading over a wide area, you have piles of crops growing upwards.

It's also linked, with city horticulture and urban farming. The advantage of vertical farming is that you can stretch it as high as you want.

Acts as a sound barrier

It is an excellent way to bring nature closer to you. It will surely be a habitat for numerous birds and thus improves the ecosystem as a whole. Quite often you have seen plants at the side of the road or tall trees in front of the homeland, there are various advantages of having it there. First being removing toxic vapours from the spot; secondly, it acts as an effective sound barrier which shields the space from any outside noise hazards, making it soundproof!


Plants are excellent in terms of reducing stress levels as nature in its pure form acts as a healing agent. Vertical gardening won't just look beautiful but will work flawlessly in every way.

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