Ceiling Hanging Planters are in Vogue - Here's why

The natural environment available to us is much more important than we generally think. We all know the process of photosynthesis and that flora is the source of oxygen which is vital for our survival. That being said, has anyone taken time to realize the fact that our beautiful planet is home to over 320 thousand species of plants which forms the base of most of the Earth’s ecosystems especially those on land?

Unfortunate as it may be but in today’s date, huge acres of flora is being sacrificed to meet the needs of the growing population day by day which for our future generations will be a growing cause for concern as the greenery available to our eyes may not be available to theirs. Just something to ponder about, but how about in this scenario of affairs we all take some time and play our part and be responsible for some flora of our own.

Cue in Ceiling Planters!

Personal Gardens are not something that one and all could maintain and let’s face the fact that they are a limited of us out there who would be diligent enough in maintaining one. Thus a solution is available and its catching on fast around us. Ceiling hanging planters is a preferable alternative to gardening and it’s more in vogue these days. As per the recommendations of top interior designers, these ingenious pieces of décor don’t pinch one’s pocket nor does it require the maintenance a whole garden would require.

They can be hung from anywhere and everywhere and its more visible then plants on the ground thus, helping us to remember our role in preserving our flora for future as well as having a positive start with a positive view to one’s day. They are a number of ways to hang your plants and make a statement of style, be it in office, at home, public buildings, schools etc. which are not that cumbersome as one would normally fathom.

Ceiling planters are perfect for a fresh start of the day

Household Planters give a positive impression to people and being suspended would increase their visibility and thus create a more pleasant and healthy environment. They can be used as an art piece on walls, saving people floor space for much more important objects.

Suspension helps in their maintenance as they are easier to water when placed near a window they receive direct sunlight as compared to plants which are grown on the ground whose sunlight intake is usually hampered due to them being overshadowed.

These planters can be hung in bags, small pots, recyclable containers and a number of other ways depending on how far one’s imagination can reach. We can let our artistic skills get the better of us here at least as compared to the restrictive use of them in other areas, DIY suspenders for these planters is another alternative to help one feel a greater bond or belonging to their personal planter.


Let’s do our part in saving our flora for our future generations and also bring a healthy environment into our houses, offices, schools and other places we devote more time in so that these small plants bring us more joy, peace, greater health, and satisfaction as well as keeps us in check with the trend in vogue at present.

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