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A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri New Delhi West, IN
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Choose right planter for your plant - buy planters

Greenery provides an elegant and soothing look to your space. Everyone likes to be surrounded by nature providing such a calm atmosphere and flower pots are the most common yet the best way to do so. With artistic utilization of online flower pots, you can convert your indoor and outdoor from a dull place into a tranquil and pleasing space. There is a variety of designer pots for your home and office space at Yuccabe Italia and you can select the best flower pots online at affordable price. Take a look at below-mentioned factors to filter out the most suited flower pot online.


Pot or Planter?

Pots and Planters are two different terms used by a layman to refer same product. There is a small technical distinction though that differs pots from planters. Pot is used for containers that are small in size and usually round in shape. Due to their small size, pots ordinarily contain one plant only. Whereas a planter is bigger and thus carries more than one plant. Both of them serve the same purpose - magnifying the beauty of your space with its greenery. Check out the variety of planters and flower pots online at Yuccabe Italia.


Size matters

The size of a planter can affect the growth of your plant. Take expert advice to ascertain the plant suitable as per your planter size. In case you are shifting an existing plant, then go for planter at least 2 to 4 inch large in size.

Selection of planter size also depends on your space and location. If you are considering of buying flower pots online for your garden then you can go for any size. But if you are looking for something that goes with your indoor with not much space, then you should not give a thought to large planter.


Be careful with the material

There are wide options of planter material available in the market and online but you must be careful while making the selection. You might find attractive plastic pots comparatively cheaper. They are a good option as well because of the lightweight and affordability cause. But it is advisable to opt for better quality material porous in nature - such as ceramic, terracotta or fiberglass.

Visit the official website of Yuccabe Italia and take a brief look at flower pots online. Our designs are not only stylish, rather are of superior quality as well that too at affordable price. Experts at Yuccabe Italia comprehend the needs of a plant and design pots accordingly utilizing fine material to promote the growth of a plant.


Choose the best

Plants are living beings and we should nurture them with love and care. Buying a flower pot online is quite similar to looking home for your plants and it should be best in quality. As your plants are going to be part of your home, so you must consider the design of your space before buying a planter. In short, there are several factors and we at Yuccabe Italia can assist you in making the right choice.

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