A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri 110018 New Delhi West IN
A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri New Delhi West, IN
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Decorate your flat with designer garden pots

Change is a constant process of life and the same applies to your décor as well. When you relocate into a new house, your older house ornaments might won’t go with your new space. Interior designing requires a lot of effort keeping in mind the layout, space, color scheme, etc. But we have an element that finds a place in every décor theme- yes, we are addressing our lively plants and astonishing designs of pots for gardening. Addition of a few plants in your indoor space will not only provide an aesthetical look but will soothe the environment as well.


Coming to the beauty element of plants, they don’t just add greenery to your space but present you an opportunity to play with an extensive range of stylish planters and garden pots. With the right selection of designer pots for plants, you can change the aura of your new flat. Here we present the best tips that you can follow to design your home and plants with a wide range of planters by Yuccabe Italia.


Garden Pots for Entrance Passage

Often people neglect the hallway of the house considering them the sides whereas the entrance holds the distinctive position as it is the first thing to be seen by a visitant. Decorating the entrance with green welcoming plants will create a pleasant atmosphere. Depending on the space of your entrance you can choose the suitable garden pots.


Beautify the corners

Think of a corner of your house piled up with a piece of furniture. Let's face the fact that no one likes to sit in a corner then why not to Adorn that dull and awkward corner with lush green plants. Arranging the appropriate pots for gardening at varying heights will create a soothing consonance. You can opt for grouping tall green plant along with a combo of two tiny plants or other combination depending on the space. Adding a set of classic portraits will make it a complete and appealing corner.


A partner for Your Book Collection

What appears to be best assisting your collection of books on your bookshelves and tabletops? A tiny plant! Books will freshen up your thoughts, on the other side a plant will append freshness to your room. Adding greenery to your collection of books will enhance their overall appearance and embellish the space like never before.


Friend of your Balcony

There is no limit to adding pots for gardening in your balcony. You are set free to creation and experimentation when it comes to your balcony. An arrangement of furniture with groups of plants of different sizes sounds like an ideal place to attain serenity when you want to get relieved from the daily hustle-bustle of life. Modify your tranquility space with our wide range of designer planters and pots for gardening.


Hanging planters

If greenery soothes your eyes but have limited space, then don’t worry, Yuccabe Italia is here to rescue, ditching the gravity with its wide range of hanging pots for gardening. With plants like Ivy or Fern, your space will look pleasant and will look astonishing wherever hung.

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