Few things to keep in mind for healthy flowering plants

We depend on plants for human survival. It not only takes care of food, and cloth but shelter too. In the vast flora of fauna, preserving them is the key to our future. Here is a guideline on how to keep plants happy:

Choose the right plant

While selecting a plant of your choice, make sure that the surroundings are suitable for the plant to germinate. Providing too much sunlight to a shade thriving plant could result in burning of leaves and ultimately death. Similarly keeping a plant under shade for a light demanding plant would result in unwanted. Hence it is highly advisable to select an appropriate plant according to the condition.

Choose a widespread, un-flowered plant for better flowers

The second down the order is the size of the plant at the time of selection. Choose a plant that is small and is in its pre-stage of development rather than a big colorful potted plant. The chance of growth is better in small plants as compared to later. One can place it in plastic pots for plants themselves.

A small un-potted plant is better than big potted plants

A plant which is bushy and young with almost no to minimum flowers in it is likely to bloom better than rest. With so much technological advancement achieved in this modern era, buying an online planter isn't hard anymore. Hence it is best to purchase plastic pots after selection of the rightful plant.

Water them regularly

The two most essential requirements for Photosynthesis in plants are sunlight and water. Since summer in India is long and hot, watering plants regularly helps the plant to grow. Use of fertilizers is useful in the process, acting as a catalyst for plants. While watering the plants one needs to avoid excess water use similarly, a deficit is harmful.

Trim the excess and pluck out old flowers from the plant

After providing the plant with sun and water, the next point to keep in mind is the removal of dry leaves and dead flowers.  One needs to ensure that the plant in the plastic flower pot has room for new flowers. Plucking the excess and unwanted head promotes blooming.

Mulching promotes the growth of plant during the hot summer

Mulching is a scientific term for covering the soil with a mulch (a thin layered material) to avoid the loam from excess heat. This technique is useful in keeping the temperature in the desired state. Use of this in summer will ensure a better yield for plants.

Protect it from pests and animals

Pests like to eat the leaves of plants farmers often use pesticides to keep it in control. Although the chance of pests eating plants is comparatively less in indoor plants, still it is advisable to adopt some pest control measures for better results. Keeping plants safe from animals helps in proper growth of the plants


Plants, like any human beings, need food and water for daily activities. Providing them with a reasonable amount of these materials is vital. Make sure that the pot has plenty of soil for its functioning. Don't water plants every day but when needed.

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