Flowers Pots: Always consider these 7 factors before buying

So, you have finally made up your mind to have a container garden? During this quest, you surely need flower pots, now don’t you? Well, let me tell you that choosing ideal flower pots is not a cakewalk. This is because different plants have varied requirements and you need to base your choices in flower pots as per your plant’s needs.  

In flower pots, you have an array of choices. In planters that are comprised of synthetic materials, you can select among varieties such as resin, fiberglass, and plastic ones. Moreover, flower pots in other materials such as metal, wood, concrete, stone, and clay-based terra-cotta can be availed as well.

You can grow both annuals and perennials in plant containers. But, be sure to choose the durable and self-watering planter for your plants to thrive. Now, there are multitude options in flowering pots and you may seem to get confused when selecting the ones that would be best-suited to your plants.

For sure, you do not want to go wrong in your selection of containers. Well, if you need help, then you can refer to the following points that shed light on the factors to consider when exercising your choice in flower pots.

  • Nature of the Plants

For your home garden, you need to decide on the plants for your container garden. Also, you need to know whether the plants are able to survive in dry conditions or not. Bear in mind that plants in pots tend to dry much faster than soil in the garden. Also, extreme weather conditions can aggravate the situation.

 Some pots such as the terracotta ones dry out quickly and would be suitable for those plants that can withstand dry weather.
  • Size of Plants

The size of the flower pot has to be compatible with your plant’s size. You must make sure to select those pots that are large enough accommodate the plant’s roots.
  • Durability

Another important aspect that needs consideration is whether the container will be subjected to the sun’s rays and strong winds. If yes, you must select durable flower pots.
  • Porosity

You have a choice between porous and non-porous flower pots. If the plant containers are going to be placed under the direct glare of the sun, then the non-porous planters are advised. Pots made of synthetic resin make for a good choice as they maintain the coolness of the pots and are able to retain moisture for longer durations as well.
  • Water Requirements

Plants need to be watered on a frequent basis, or else they will start to die. Therefore, you must make the arrangements accordingly. Consider pots having reservoirs or drip trays at the bottom so they can absorb water if needed.
  • Weather Conditions

If you’re growing plants during the winter months, then the frost-safe varieties should be your pick. You can make your selection amongst wood, cement, and stone varieties. All pots need extra protection through winter and you must take the required measures for your plants to grow healthily.
  • Mobility

Are you looking for pots that can be moved around with ease? Do you plan to keep your plants indoors during the cold months? Well, in such cases, the lightweight planters can be chosen. You can choose from a range of flower pots on the website


After studying the above pointers, you now know that planning a home garden is not easy. Thus, take your time on planning your garden and also, do your research on the types of flower pots that would be suitable for growing your plants. All the best!

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