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Guide to caring for your plants in your balcony garden during the winter

Winters are dull, dry and long. In such drastic conditions, plants need to survive for their existence. Winters are dull, dry and long. In such drastic conditions, plants need to survive for their existence. People, who like planting or are willing to, read on to know the depths:

Sunny or shady balcony

The role of sunlight in plants existence is immense. The core ingredients of healthy plants are light and blissful water. Deciding on the kind of plant you want on your balcony is the first dilemma to find a settlement for. While choosing a plant, consider its environment, and surroundings it will thrive on. An east-west faced terrace ensures greater availability of sunshine and is advantageous, for those type of plants which demands too much of day-star than others. Similarly, a north-west faced balcony is going to provide less sunshine than the former because of its geological position to the sun.

Clean up the fallen and dead leaves from the pot and nearby regions

Although remains of plants and animals act as a fertilizer, there are times, where it attracts pests and all sort of harmful insects towards it. Pests and these insects are responsible for feeding the leaves of plants and harming them in great. Cleaning these fallen leaves from the pots minimizes such risk to a certain extent.

Ensure a weed-free plant

Pluck away any unwanted weed that's taking up space in the soil. Farmers use pesticides to keep their crops safe, likewise adopting an efficient measure for the removal of the unwanted insects is highly productive. Keep your pets away from plants to help them germinate. The fur of dogs and cats have underlying insects highly contaminating in nature for plants.

Spring is near, prepare for it

Start preparing for the next season, winter doesn't have to be all shabby and dull. One can make it a season of productivity by working on the soil and making sure everything goes well when the right season hits the crust. Tilting of soil is a great way to enhance the quality of the loam. It is highly effective in farm fields and wide-scale plantations. One can practice the same in small scale like in pots for plants in a balcony. While tilting balcony rail planter in winter keep in mind that, you don't overdo it. It improves the overall composition of air in the soil and ensures that an adequate amount is present for its normal functioning.

Mulching the soil in winter is equally effective as in summer

Mulching is exercised by farmers in their wide-scale yield to preserve water present within the soil. You can practice it on your balcony garden for increasing the water retention abilities of the loam in winter. It also protects the plants from getting infected by weeds and other harmful insects. If the fertility of the soil is poor, implementing this process enriches to a greater extent.


Watering the plants not regularly but when needed is the best approach towards them; make sure proper light is there. Go through the points stated above for taking better care of your precious friend!

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