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A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri New Delhi West, IN
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Guide to choosing the right pot for your garden

Many often wondered that there is no room of creativity or art in gardening. It just simply means growing a tree in a container. While such colorless thoughts do seem to point out a fact it cannot rule out the fundamental art. You may have several saplings of colorful flowers that are yet to bloom in your garden but the true artiness lies in the imagination. Gardening does provide a lot of options while planting trees. Starting from the outline of a garden to selecting the right amount of flowers and containers each and every step requires an imaginative thought. As a result, you are left with a wide number of options that you can exercise based on your own imagination.

Gardening has achieved a creative feat in the modern era. It may have evolved from a conventional practice but still is changing in its styles and implementations. For instance, consider the fact that garden previously meant flowers planted on clay pots. While it may represent the basic idea of gardening the modern genre has seemed to shackle out from the traditional concept and induce their own flavors. Very often you will notice the plant houses containing plastic bottles or crates and wall pockets as containers. A wide range of container preferences has thus emerged with consumers getting confused on what to choose and what not to.

While you are still fixated on whether to buy those pocket-friendly plastic pots or the traditional clay ones consider reviewing the following guidelines to come to a certain standpoint.

Tips to buy a preferred pot design

The essence of the garden

Before considering pot style decide on the essence you want to establish on your garden. If you are nostalgic then go for a traditional outline. If you are more inclined towards modern outlets then invest in contemporary styles.  

Style of the pot

Now you must consider the pot style that fits the essence of your garden. Some prefer buying pots that have a distinct look to it while others prefer more functionality. For those desiring, privacy can go for slimline troughs as they are the best planters on the indoors. Also, contemporary designs take a little space on the balcony floors.

Size of the pot

As soon as you are done with your desirable essence and style of pot you are almost done with your selection. You should now factor in the associated features such as the size of the pot. It is safe to go for the large size as they provide an appropriate amount of space with boldness in scale.

Get artistic

If you are an art lover then consider buying a cluster of them and mix the textures as well as the sizes to form a unique composition. If you want to experiment on the size then buy three different pot varying on the sizes and textures.

Colors to avoid

Avoid shades that attracts too much attention and instead go for the application of mild shades. For colour contrast, you can use the combination of dark chocolate, buttermilk and plain white.


Do take note of the fact that pots that are less expensive can be exercised more functionally. Consider availing the best mixture of potting available on the market while ensuring that the container provides good drainage.

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