Here's how you can add finesse to your home's décor in the easiest ways!

You may have just moved into your new home or are feeling a bit bored whenever you look at your home’s décor - no matter what may be the scenario, there’s always a way or two to add some finesse to your home’s décor. The following section will shed some light on the top three ways you can liven up your home in no time!

In case of small rooms, be sure to paint them in lighter shades!

In case your home has a small living room, be sure that you are doing everything in your power to make it appear bigger, brighter and spacious. A small room when painted in dark shades appears cramped up. What you can do is make sure you are making the maximum use of natural light by placing large mirrors in critical places. Be sure that the curtains are of a light shade and the walls are painted in white or any other light but neutral colour.

Shed the balance, mix it up!

Have you ever thought of using your family heirlooms as pieces of décor? Well, you can do that, it is your home and you can easily shed the balance/trends. Mix it all up – the old with the new, the expensive with the affordable, and the class with the natural quirkiness. Place your leather couch next to your family heirloom. A home is a reflection of who you really are. The décor too should compliment your personality, style, tastes and preferences. In case you have your grandfather’s writing desk, be sure to place it in a prime spot within your home. The next time your friends come over, they can look at it and feel intrigued. You can then step in and ease their curiosity by sharing the tales of your grandpa and his achievements.

A hanging planter or two can add a bit of green charm to your kitchen’s décor!

What is the warmest and most inviting place/room in your home you may think? Well, it is your kitchen of course! No matter who you are, what profession or lifestyle choices you are associated with, the place in your home where you spend most of your time next to your living room is your kitchen. All that cooking techniques and cutting skills didn’t come naturally to you now did it!? Kitchens are spacious, airy and well lit these days. What you can do to add a bit of freshness to it? Well, you can start by using one of Mother Nature’s creations, indoor plants. Indoor plants are not only good to look at but it also helps in maintaining the necessary amount of moisture in the ambient air. It also acts as a natural air purifier that soaks in the Carbon Dioxide and gives out fresh Oxygen. Be sure you are hanging planters for the job so that the plants don’t come in the way when you are busy whipping up that culinary piece of perfection!


Summing it up with another tip to liven up your home décor – a fresh coat of paint to your shelves or new wallpaper in the bedroom is a great idea. Be sure to choose the shade of the paint or the wallpaper after consulting with a professional interior designer for best results.

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