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Here's how you can choose the ideal pots and planters for your home décor

Nothing feels better than decorating your drawing room with beautiful natural plant galore. It provides the look of nature and tranquillity in your room. Try decorating the room with hanging planters and artistic pots. They look really beautiful.

Often people put plants as a sign of decoration. But little do they know it also adds to the hygienic value in the home. The part of your house which gets the most of the sunlight is the ideal place for putting the pots and planters. Home gardeners usually love the idea of pots and planters for home décor. Not only indoor, but the plants also look marvelous in the tiny homemade garden at your balcony or terrace. People who are full-fledged gardeners also ornament their garden with hanging planters and artistic pots which contain different types of attractive plants like bonsai, Japanese maple, etc.

One can choose the ideal pot and planter for their home considering some factors in mind. The below-listed factors would really help them to set up a beautiful room full of plants.

First time? Don’t worry!

Have you settled up of the first time in your small studio apartment? Thinking for decorating the drawing room with a flower full of plants? You might have ended up bewildered in finding which pot to buy and which do not. Do not feel lost. Often apartments look good with small pots and planters. Big planters might affect the symmetrical look of the room. Try using small pots which goes with your own customized apartment.

Preplan the decoration

Often people end up buying pots and planter which they technically do not need in the room. Thus before actually buying the plantar make a rough idea of the decoration. Now many numbers of pots your need? Where would you keep the planter; in the terrace, in the balcony, make a hanging planter in the drawing room on a place in the bedroom? It depends on suitable accommodation for your apartment.

Feel free and try new

Often people decorate the room with big planters and pot more than the room demands. It happens that the room starts looking clumsy and not so attractive. Try composing the style of the room with the planter in places they need. Feel free to decorate and try out new places to place the planter. Compose like an artist. Do experiments in putting the planter in places which will come under the attraction of guests. Also, keep in mind that the planter should not be kept in a place which does not receive sunlight. It is the most crucial part of every decorator.

Try investing

When you place the planter in a place which is dull it won’t create an impression. Buy photo frames, wall hanging, show pieces and place them beside the plants. It creates an aesthetic composition in the room and also maintains the look of the room.


Before wrapping up with the topic some honest suggestion is compulsory. Before everything try to visualize the personality of your room. It might happen that often people do not need planters in their room and if needed the type of plants which will look good are not chosen properly. If you are very fond of decorating the room with planters try choosing the suit bale type of plants for your room.

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