A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri 110018 New Delhi West IN
A-8 commercial complex shankar garden Vikas Puri New Delhi West, IN
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Here's why you should have a hanging garden in your home

Isn’t it is fascinating to have a wide variety of flowers and green foliage organized on the terrace or the balconies? The wide greeneries add distinct beauty and liveliness to the room with its green textures and make it more nature-centric. With a huge landscape and concrete buildings taking up most of the ground the natural wonders are simply getting chopped off for providing more space in building construction.

As a result, it has led to the diminishing of the plant culture that glorifies their beauty and environment usefulness. In order to express their profound love for nature, many communities have tried setting up miniature gardens on their railings of balcony or terraces. With lively shrubs and exquisite flowers placed over pots and planters, many indoor outlets are getting filled up with a wide plethora of lilies, roses, etc.

About Vertical Gardening

While you may have a deep love for nature you can’t consider making a plant house within your inlets. Also, you don’t have to sacrifice while building your small indoor garden in the house. If you are unable to create a substantial amount of space of concrete platform for your garden then there’s the solution of vertical gardening.

An alternative for gardeners that are struggling on their horizontal spacing vertical gardening is a unique solution. While its exceptional designs offer a remarkable look to the monotonous structures of walls and boundaries the gardening style embraces nature by being eco-friendly.

As the name suggests vertical gardening is based on organizing the planted trees on a vertical manner rather than on the horizontal floors. Conventional gardening practices with plants like beans, squashes and other climbing plants bear a little resemblance of vertical gardening.

The so-called climbing plants were built with trellises that help in their vertical growth. Vertical gardening aims to do that with non-climbing greeneries. Now since you have a basic idea of the above practice lets dive deeper into the subject.

Why go for vertical gardening?

While vertical gardening is an efficient gardening practice that requires less than the considerable space on the concrete floors it certainly does not provide the idea on how to implement it. Vertical gardening offers a lot of option in its organization. You can use wall pot hangers or get hold of plastic bottles filled and fill it with the proper amount of clay.

There is certainly no shortage of option on the type of containers you can choose. Apart from the above two options, you can either use crates or pocketed caverns on the wall as a container.

As soon as you are done with your container preference that fits on your indoors emphasize on the setup. See to it that the design outline acquires a little space on your floor so you can adjust all your flowers and plants properly. Avoid overcrowding your garden with abundant choices.


While vertical gardening works both on outdoors and indoors it does require the proper amount of light and space to thrive. During the course of your gardening, you must check whether each and every candidate in your garden is receiving the proper amount of sunlight.

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