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How to keep plants hydrated in the dry season?

The sustenance of plants on this planet is highly important for the continuation of any form of living. The basic requirement for every plant begins with the sun and ends in water. While summer is getting hotter and brighter, the presence of water in the soil is fast depleting. Here are few ways to provide water to plants in the scorch dry season:

Grow plants which are suitable for the season

Just like the different seasons of the earth, plants are also seasonal in nature. Some grow better in winter while others depend on summer. Avoid planting any new plant in the garden which doesn’t go well with the season.

Grow plants in pots and not in the ground

Plants in plastic pots heavily rely on the person providing water, on not the season. Gather a bunch of plants and keep them all together for a misty atmosphere. Make sure to provide the right amount of moisture, neither too much nor too limited! Either of these situations wilts the leaves of the plant and can kill them too. Mulch the surface of the plant to enhance the moisture carrying capacity of the soil. The process is highly effective in the germination process; it also minimizes the risk of growth of unwanted weeds in the soil.

The appropriate time of the day

One should water their plastic flower pot in the early daybreak or late in the twilight so that the plants get enough time to collect it from the core of the ground and use it for them. It’s better to water correctly than to water regularly. Make sure that the water poured, goes through the layers of the soil and reaches the root.

Use grey water for the purpose

One can make use of grey water which otherwise would have been wasted, using them in watering the plants is an excellent way to tackle the scarcity of summer. Make sure that the water used in the process doesn’t have any solid substance to it and is carefully filtered. A time span of 24 hours is said best for the use of this water since bacterial growth doesn’t take place in the time period. Never use toilet water for watering the plants.

Place fingers against the surface of the soil

The most common problem, one faces while watering plants is not able to gauge the amount of it required. There are no numbers and a fixed amount of liters assigned as an ideal watering unit. Placing a finger in the soil of plastic planter pots and pushing it slightly, helps in understanding the condition of the soil. One can use this process in watering plants in pots too. A soft soil means too much of water is there in the soil while a hard crust is a sign of a shortage of water in it.


Shading the plant and its surface from the rays of the sun is an excellent way to support the growth of it. Direct sun rays have the capacity to burn the leaves of the plant, keeping the plants in shade avoids such occurrence and improves the moisture content in the process.

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