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How to keep your houseplants healthy and other tips

We all know how helpful houseplants can be to us, to keep our air clean. It is equally important to keep the soil of these houseplants healthy as well. It might astonish you that mayonnaise and tea can help a plant to come out healthier. Here are a few more tips to keep your household, outdoor planters, garden planters healthy and growing longer:

  1. Finding a site with the right amount of lighting: Placing the pots are usually the most important thing if you want to keep a plant healthy. South facing plants usually get more light than the north facing ones. Plants with brightly colored leaves and flowers need more sunlight than the normal ones. Since light has more force and intensity in summer, sun-sensitive plants need to be kept aside in hot months.

  2. Making pots hold water longer: The smartest way to keep your plants hydrated in case they are drying up really fast is to put them in pots which retain water longer. Tucking a damp sponge inside the bottom of a pot before filling in soil might turn out to be helpful. This helps the pot to act as a water reservoir and helps to prevent plants from being overwatered.

  3. Feeding ferns: Brewed tea or even wet tea leaves in the soil give the plants a very healthy look. Occasionally switching water with these things can help ferns, Gardenias and other acid-loving houseplants a lot.

  4. Reading newspapers to plants: Now this might be seen as a bit weird thing to do but reading newspapers actually helps. The carbon dioxide from your mouth may help in boosting up the gas exchange cycles.

  5. Using leftover club soda: Club soda contains a lot of minerals which helps green plants grow. Even feeding the plant soda once a week might help. Even the water used for boiling eggs can be used. Instead of throwing that water uses it on your plants and let the nutrients in it do the magic.

  6. Using ice cubes: Ice cubes placed properly can help the water melt and gradually spread evenly all over the soil. But it needs to be kept in mind that the ice cubes should be placed on the soil and should not be touching the stem.

  7. Using mouse pads: Often plant pots might leave ugly scratches all over the furniture and floors. To avoid this kind of a situation old computer mouse pads can be used. Place these below the pots to keep the floors cleaner. Multiple mouse pads can be used for keeping larger pots.

  8. Ice cream scoops: Replanting the houseplants can be a bit messy. To avoid making a huge mess and the place dirty, ice cream scoops may be used to add soil to the pot without actually making a mess out of it.

So here are a few ways that can be used and they will surely help you keep your pots for plants and soil healthy all the while ensuring that you don’t make a big mess whenever you plan on having a few plants inside your home.

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