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How to take care of gardening tools?

You may be familiar with the basic guidelines of gardening but do you keep your gardening tools safe and sound? The handy gears are essential while carrying out certain garden activities. Helping in your pruning and mulching the tools need to be kept sharp as well as clean to make it free form infectious bugs and to stop letting them spreading in the garden. To help retain their sparkling and clean off the accumulated dust here are some ways that you should follow besides gardening to keep them in their best shape and work the soil throughout the season.


  • Take a bucket or pot that should be enough to hold your gardening equipment and fill it with dry sand. Mix it with lubricating oil products or vegetable oil making sure it is thoroughly moist. Now gather your tools that need to be cleaned and scrub the oil-sand mixture with a steel-wool pad or a putty knife. The effective process will help to remove the accumulated mud cakes form your tools.


  • As soon as you are done with your scrubbing plunge your shovels, metal dibblers, hoes, and forks into the moist mixture and ensure that the bucket is holding all your thrust Now place the bucket accompanied with tools in a cold dry place during the winter.


  • Make sure that the wooden handles are not splitting and drying out in the winter by applying linseed oil over them.


  • As soon the winter departs with spring looming around in the corner remove the tools from the bucket and clean the blades with any course or burlap cloth.


The time of winter is when you had to the least bit of gardening or none at all. It is during such times when your gardening tools by not being used and remaining stagnant accumulate the most amount of dirt resulting in unhygienic contaminations that can spread diseases in your garden. By following the above-mentioned steps you can retain the sparkling of your equipment without having to monitor them.


Though the above methods will be useful during the time of winter and spring, the technique will not be applicable in other incoming seasons. With incoming summer and monsoons set to spread their presence, you need to adhere to these basic tips to endure the good shape for your tools.


  • Wash off collected dirt and muds from your tools by scrubbing with wire pads and rinsing with a garden hose.
  • There may be certain items that are covered with vinegar and sap and are often coated with rust. In such cases use turpentine for all your rusted metal blades.
  • Apply linseed oil in the wooden handles to give them a shine.
  • As much as cleaning is necessary it is equally essential for the tools to have adequate sharpening. Wipe down those metals with lubricant and file them with flat mill files of 10’’.
  • Store them at a dry and rust free place or better store them in a bucket of the oil-sand mixture as mentioned previously




Garden tools are essential if you are a fan of gardening. In order to carry out hygienic gardening make sure that your tools are free from rust, accumulated muds, and dust and are ready to serve for the next year.

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