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Ideal places to keep an indoor plant in your home

One knows that all your houseplants have one thing which is similar i.e. they all need sun’s rays. But you must also realize that each plant will vary in the quantity that they need. So, don’t just dump your indoor plants without good thought. Just because a plant fits with the décor of a particular area of your house doesn’t prove it to be the best for your houseplant.

Note down the points such as - rooms which receive the most sunlight, directions of the windows, places where heaters are already applied, the average temperature of your house, pots for indoor plants, etc. With that information gathered, you will get an idea of which areas will work better for placing your houseplants.

As you know that some plants will seek for the maximum amount of sunlight. Whilst others will seek for the full or partial coverage of shade, most of the time. You must remember that your plants do not require direct sunlight at every possible hour of the day as this can burn the roots and the leaves. Most of your indoor plant will feel sufficient with a window that is East, South or west directed. Do not install too many plants facing a Northerly window. As said earlier that there happen to be plants that need partial or fully covered areas for large portions of the day.

For the time being, flowering and foliage plants such as some species of lily and fern tend to deal potentially with minimum direct sunlight and with man-made light. So if you locate your foliage plant back relative to your south-facing window at a few feet distance, you will be setting up your plant in an optimum location. If you possess east or west-facing windows, then make sure that your foliage plant avoids the direct sun rays in the room.

Plants with thick, plumy and big leaves will tend to do quite well in the shade for most times. Some of the examples can be laid as - Stonecrop, Zebra or Jade.

When it comes to your decorating preferences, you may direct your desired houseplant locations regardless of each location’s flexibility. Here are some of the conditions laid in front of you -

  • Lavender and Jasmine are great ideas for the bedroom, as the scent of these plants can trigger sound sleep and minimize anxiety levels.
  • Snake plant and Aloe Vera both help to filter the air, which can be helpful for home-locations where most of the family frequently resides; or rooms that are subjected to several chemicals and smells, such as bathroom, living room etc.

Setting up indoor plants largely includes managing between optimum locations for the plant’s requirements and your desired locations related to aesthetics. Hard-to-survive locations can still be utilized by choosing very tough plant species.

Another situation may occur that you might want to utilize houseplants to lighten up a windowless, dark washroom. Or, it may happen that you desired window is facing the north where your neighboring buildings are blocking the sunlight. Either way, look for the best which best suits your desires and proves healthy for your plant. So start planting effectively from today.

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