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Organic tips to make sure your garden is free from pests

Pests have always remained the biggest adversary of a garden. The abominated pest community with its undesirable and uncontaminated facets tends to bring down a glorifying garden at its degrading level.

By extracting all the goodness from the plant varieties pesticides have remained a big nuisance among the garden caretakers. They have always been at war with the minute pesticides and insecticides and intend to keep them off from the garden estate.

Organic or Artificial?

Besides gardeners, if you personally own a garden and wish to maintain its organic presence, then you should know how to fight with those adversaries. You do not want your nurtured effort to go in vain and let those pesticides take over your garden plot. To maintain the organic presence of your garden you need to know how to maintain that natural aura in your garden. So let’s jumpstart into the practices involved with organic gardening.

The practice of organic gardening is all about connecting with nature as well as using its beautiful nuances. It mainly focuses on keeping the surrounding nature clean and free from bugs and pests. The soil at its deep down level comprises a massive world where inhabitants like the fungi, bacteria, protozoan and many other microscopic communities reside in.

Among the deep-seated world, remains a bunch of pests creatures that tend to come up from their underground world and reside within floras and faunas. Those unwelcomed parasites try to devour the nutrients in the plants with nothing in return. As a result, the plants tend to lose their glorying bloom and withers away much faster.

Organic is the obvious choice

You may not be able to fight off such a large army on your own and don’t even think about using chemically enhanced fertilizers as they will do more harm than good. It’s better not to use any of such artificial pest removals and instead adore the nature-friendly practices.

To understand how the organic strategy can bring forward a pest free garden here are some of its nuances.

Building a pest free garden with organic measures

Soil care

Healthy soil is the first crucial aspect to maintain a healthy garden. You may want to extract a soil sample and get it analyzed from the laboratories. As a result, you will be aware of certain nutrients that are present at a deficit amount.

Environment Analyzing

Let go of your distraction towards the seed packets available in the nursery store. Be aware of the environment around you and choose the plant varieties that suit the surrounding.

Controlling manually

One way of restricting the invasion of pests is fencing. The online flower pots bearing exotic varieties of plants should be well guarded with a fence as they are the prime attraction. You can even consider raising beds with concrete blocks or woods as they will restrict the entry of burrowing animals.

The usefulness of neem oil

Neem oil is above all natural pesticides and insecticides. Its antifungal properties will help repel off pests and even control root rots, whiteflies, moulds, black spot, etc.

Try walking around your garden to get its feel and essence. Your naked eye can always contribute towards detecting bugs and pesticides. 


If you really wish to maintain the natural aura of your garden then do say away from the insecticides and pesticides. All your floras and faunas planted within the pots needs the proper care and nurturing while growing.  

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