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Plant Pots: Clay Vs Plastic

Are you planning on having a home garden? Do you need to buy pots for the purpose? If you have answered Yes to both questions, then surely the choice between clay pots and plastic pots might be a difficult one.

Clay pots have been in supply since time immemorial. They are made of terra-cotta material. During their manufacturing process, a distinctive type of soil is burned in kilns that imparts the brownish color to the pots and resonates with plants of all colors.

However, in recent years, plastic pots have entered the market and the shoppers seem to be confused pertaining to the selection of pots that would be best suited to their plants. Understand that there are certain advantages of using pots that are composed of each of the materials. Depending on your plant’s needs, you should make your selection.

Clay Pots

There are several advantages of using clay pots. They are porous in nature and allow air, moisture to seep through them. Albeit, clay tends to wick the extra moisture from the potting soil. For this reason, you must ensure to water your plants in clay pots, on a regular basis, to avoid the wilting of your plants due to lack of moisture.

Also, clay pots have thickened walls and extend protection to the plants from rough weather conditions. Additionally, they are bulky and do not topple over easily.

But, there are some disadvantages that are associated with clay pots, too. The clay-based pots tend to dry-out soon and are not considered suitable for plants such as ferns that need a lot of moisture for their growth.

Also, in clay pots, the mineral salts that dissolve in water form a whitish layer on the edges of the pots. But, the pots can be scrubbed to get rid of these spots. Yet, a major disadvantage of clay pots lies in the fact that they break easily.

Plastic Pots

Plastic pots have garnered popularity over the years because there are several benefits that are related to their usage.

Plastic pots score over the clay pots because they are lightweight and can be transported with ease to the indoors or outdoors of your home, unlike the clay-based ones. Moreover, these pots do not wick the extra moisture and are considered ideal for growing plants that love moisture. If you do not water your plants regularly, then plastic pots constitute a good choice.

Plastic pots are, also, considered to be eco-friendly as they constitute of the recyclable varieties of plastic. However, you must not choose the dark-colored plastic pots as heat tends to build up within them. Also, keep in mind that as a result of sun exposure, plastic pots can fade and become brittle. Yet, there are some models of plastic pots that are treated with ultraviolet restrictors to prevent them from fading and in turn, prolonging their life-span.


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